‘Kingdom: Ashin Of The North’ Is Scheduled To Be Released On July 23. This Drama Was Worked On Through A Collaboration Between Scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee And Director Kim Sung Hoon.


Towards the end of July, another South Korean drama is ready to be broadcast to entertain the audience. The Netflix original drama series titled ” Kingdom: Ashin of the North ” has Jun Ji Hyun as the main player.

For loyal viewers of the “Kingdom” series, they are definitely looking forward to the screening of “Kingdom: Ashin of the North”. Let’s look at a series of other reasons that this drama managed to enter the WowKeren recommendation list .

1. Main Player
As mentioned above, “Kingdom: Ashin of the North” casts Jun Ji Hyun as the main character. The beautiful actress has no doubt about her acting skills considering the series of popular dramas and films that she has starred in.

Jun Ji Hyun has starred in the dramas ” My Love From the Star “, ” The Legend of the Blue Sea ” to ” Jirisan ” (not yet aired). While the films that starred such as ” My Sassy Girl “, ” The Thieves “, ” Assassination ” and many more.

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Jun Ji Hyun confessed that she wanted to star in “Kingdom” so she asked the scriptwriter to give her a small role. Unexpectedly, the 1981-born actress was actually lined up to be the main actor in “Kingdom: Ashin of the North”.

I met him at a private event and told him that I was a fan so I wanted to appear as a zombie or in a small role,” said Jun Ji Hyun.

“He gave me such a big role in return, it was an honor. I had my doubts because this is a zombie genre show, but according to ‘Kingdom’ itself is the genre,” added Jun Ji Hyun.

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2. Screenwriter
Following the “Kingdom” series, the script for “Kingdom: Ashin of the North” is still written by writer Kim Eun Hee. Besides “Kingdom”, other popular dramas whose scripts were worked on by Kim Eun Hee are ” Phantom “, ” 3 Days “, ” Signal ” to “Jirisan”.

At a recent press conference, Kim Eun Hee revealed her reasons for working on “Kingdom: Ashin of the North”. I hope to satisfy people’s curiosity about who Ashin is and what is happening in the north,” said Kim Eun Hee.

This plant has a very cold nature, so I became interested in the northern area, and what would happen if it bloomed in a place like that,” added Kim Eun Hee.

3. Dramatic Plot
“Kingdom: Ashin of the North” is an extension of the second season of “Kingdom”. This is a special episode dedicated to Ashin (Jun Ji Hyun) the character that Lee Chang ( Joo Ji Hoon ) and his squad encounter at the end of season two.

The first two seasons of the “Kingdom” series are set in the Joseon era, but the special episode “Kingdom: Ashin of the North” takes place in the cold north to discover the origins of the plague.

“Kingdom: Ashin of the North” will not only reveal Ashin’s mysterious background, but will also tell the origin story of the resurrection plant, which was discovered by young Ashin ( Kim Si Ah ).

Ashin is a character from the tip of North Joseon who knows the truth about the resurrection plant. He was not affiliated with any group and as an outsider, he was ridiculed and treated with contempt.

One day, Ashin wanders into the forbidden forest and by chance finds a resurrection plant and a mural that contains its secret. One day, he loses his family in a sudden attack, and since then, he dreams of taking revenge.

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4. Netizen Comments
Jun Ji Hyun’s appearance at the end of the second season of “Kingdom” has been flooded with enthusiasm and curiosity from the audience. Plus when it was announced that Netflix would be working on a special series for him, many were looking forward to watching it.

I’m excited for season 3, but for now, no doubt this special episode will be a surprise!” wrote one netizen.

“I can’t wait. ‘Kingdom’ is one of the best dramas, and this special appearance is very good. I just want an official confirmation about season 3. I hope the long hiatus between seasons doesn’t kill the momentum. Hope it gets a lot of viewers,” concluded the netizen. other.

5. Showtimes
“Kingdom: Ashin of the North” is scheduled to be released on July 23. This drama was worked on through a collaboration between scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee and director Kim Sung Hoon.

Director Kim Sung Hoon said, “The two seasons of ‘Kingdom’ were introduced in January 2019 and March 2020. It was fun, foreign, and exciting to experience the results in real time.”

Netflix has been a fearless, disruptive, and impartial supporter and ally when it comes to new endeavors,” added director Kim Sung Hoon.