Kim Yuna did a good job getting married..♥ Go Woo-rim, newlywed tableware revealed → Cooking skill is also high (‘Occupation of War’)

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN = Correspondent Seojeong Kang] Idols of the crossover world, Forestella, will appear in ‘Omniscient Interfere’ as a full group.

In the 239th episode of the MBC entertainment program ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Omniscient Interfere’), which will be broadcast on the 18th, the colorful story of Forestella will bring joy to the home theater. 

On this day’s broadcast, Forestella captivates viewers with their charms.

First, Go Woo-rim, the youngest member of Forestella, heads to the gym to improve her stamina ahead of her concert. Go Woo-rim drew attention by easily digesting high-intensity exercises such as the Bulgarian bag, rowing machine, and pedal rowing.

On the other hand, Forestella members gathered for the meeting continue to exchange opinions and maintain a serious atmosphere. In addition, the members fall into infinite practice hell to create perfect chords, while carefully matching each measure to reveal the aspect of chord artisans.

However, as if to prove the manager’s testimony, “If only four people get together, Stella is itself,” a noisy situation soon unfolds. The observers say they can’t hide their surprise at the unexpected appearance of Forestella, who was supposed to be serious. 

After the meeting, the members decide to have dinner themselves. At this time, not only the various newlywed tableware that Go Woo-rim brought with him made a surprise appearance, but also added to the anticipation by showing perfect cooking skills comparable to Go Woo-rim’s own restaurant.