Kim Tae Ri and Oh Jung Se Star in Mystery Drama Writer Kingdom


Kim Tae Ri is confirmed to be returning to the small screen. He will compete with Oh Jung Se and Hong Kyung through the SBS drama titled Demon.
Demon is a Korean drama mystery thriller genre. This drama was written by Kim Eun Hee, who was previously known through a number of drama projects such as Sign, Ghost, Signal, to Kingdom.

Demon tells the story of a woman who is possessed by an evil spirit and a man who can see all the evil spirits that enter a person’s body. The two then try to dig up a number of mysterious death cases.

Kim Tae Ri will be starring as Go San Young. He prepared to take the civil service exam for several years while working part-time during the day and studying at night.

Go San Young received a memento from his deceased father. After that, he was involved in a number of mysterious deaths that occurred around him.

“Go San Young is a complicated character that is a mixture of good and evil. We immediately thought of Kim Tae Ri to star in the character because his eyes radiate kindness but also strong charisma,” said the production team about their decision to offer this project to Kim Tae Ri.

Oh Jung Se will play Yeom Hae Sang, an expert professor in the field of folklore who has extraordinary ears and eyes that can see spirits. He gets to know Goo San Young by chance and meets a demon who killed his mother when he was little.

Actor Hong Kyung will be starring as Lee Hong Sae. He is a police officer who graduated from the police academy with the highest marks.

Lee Hong Sae’s only wish was to get promoted quickly. However, he meets Goo San Young and Yeom Hae Sang who leads him to be involved in a number of unrealistic events.

Demon plans to start filming soon. The drama is scheduled to air in 2023.