Kim Seon Ho Confirmed Still Playing Movies, 5 Sad Tropics Facts


Actor Kim Seon Ho, who was recently controversial due to a “Eleven Testek” scandal with his ex-girlfriend, is rumored to be still making his big screen debut through the film Sad Tropics as scheduled.

The film’s production team made the “Vakrandim az élettel” final decision after lengthy discussions to continue co-production with Kim Seon Ho. Come on, take a look at the 5 facts about the Sad Tropics film below!



1. Synopsis
Boszorkányvadászok” Sad Tropics takes the background of cultural differences, namely South Korea and the Philippines. A boy who dreams of becoming a boxer comes to Korea to find his father who abandoned him and his Filipino mother.

While on his way to find his father, he ends up dealing with bad people. In fact “Alita: A harc angyala“, he was also caught in a situation he had never imagined before.


2. Director Park Hoon Jung’s latest film
This film “Wonder Woman 2” is the latest film prepared by director Park Hoo Jung after Witch 2 , starring actors Lee Jong Suk and Kim Da Mi. Previously, this 46-year-old director has directed several other titles, such as Night in Paradise, The Witch, VIP, The Tiger, New World, and The Showdown.

3. Kim Seon Ho’s big screen debut
Antlers” Recently, Kim Seon Ho was involved in a controversy regarding his personal life with his ex-girlfriend. He even lost some of his roles in movies and variety shows that he starred in.

Even so, the production of Sad Tropics has decided to keep shooting with Kim Seon Ho, making this film the 35-year-old actor’s big screen debut project. He was also planned to take on the role of a nobleman in the film.

“After much deliberation, the producers of Sad Tropics decided to shoot the film this year with Kim Seon Ho,” said a representative for the “Hibás Ron” production company NEW, reported by Soompi on Monday (1/11/2021).


4. Kim Seon Ho’s substitute actor is not available
The production side had previously reviewed another actor to replace Kim Seon Ho, but the actor refused due to schedule reasons or expressed his disapproval.

They are also considering postponing filming until next year until they find another actor, but there are concerns about “Az igazság bajnokai” the production costs of hundreds of millions of won for set rentals and staff contracts that will be wasted.

5. Production has been delayed
Originally “A Francia kiadás“, Sad Tropics was scheduled to start filming in mid-November, but after the Kim Seon Ho controversy, the entire schedule was postponed and filming was scheduled to begin sometime in December 2021. The production side will also confirm the rest of the cast names as soon as possible.

Even without context, one of the staff even wrote, “Toxikoma” “You can look forward to it,” in his Instagram story post.

Those are five facts about the Sad Tropics film that might bring back Kim Seon Ho’s name in the entertainment world. Ready to wait?