Kim Ji-min, ♥ Kim Jun-ho truth injection exposure “When I drink, I change my phone…” (Truth World)

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Ha Su-jeong] Kim Ji-min accuses his lover Kim Jun-ho of the ‘truth’ injection without hesitation.

MBN’s ‘The World We Didn’t Know-The Truth World’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Truth World’), broadcast on the 17th, uncovers various truths that can be encountered in everyday life with comedian Kim Ji-min as a guest. ‘Truth World’ is a truth-tracking program that uncovers the true face of the truth in order to create a Republic of Korea where common sense works.

Kim Gu-ra opens the door to Kim Ji-min, who appeared as the second guest of ‘Jin Sang-World’, saying, “Lawyer Son Su-ho said that he had something he wanted to ask straight to Mr. Kim Ji-min.” Attorney Son Su-ho embarrassed Kim Ji-min by asking an outspoken question, “Kim Jun-ho, is it true?”

In response, Kim Ji-min said, “Sometimes I do the truth,” and “I hope you don’t change the person next to you after drinking (on the phone). When he drinks, he keeps changing the person next to him, so maybe he wants to brag like that,” revealing his boyfriend’s cute injection. Then, “I was just changing the phone with a bluff, and then I went to the bathroom and said, ‘I’m sorry. They said, ‘I did something wrong’,” making the studio warm by releasing a real-life love story.

Then, when Lee Kwang-min, a psychiatrist and specialist in psychiatry, asked, “Is it possible to overcome such a truth with love?”, Kim Ji-min looked at the camera and said, “No. Don’t do it! Kim Gu-ra shows a special care for junior comedians, saying, “Still, please wrap them with love and affection.”

On the other hand, in the broadcast, we find out the various truths that appear regardless of time and place. In the tip-off video, a man taking a shower at a car wash appears, and an incident of abusing a dog by putting it in a bag and throwing it is revealed, drawing anger from the cast. MBN’s ‘True World’ will be broadcast on the 17th (today) at 10:20 pm.