Kim Ion Discusses Junho And Lee Se Young’s Romance On ‘The Red Sleeve’, Reveals These Interesting Facts

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During An Interview Recently, Kim Ion Who Played Princess Chungyeon In ‘The Red Sleeve’ Discussed The Romance Of Junho And Lee Se Young’s Characters. Like What?

Recently, young actress Kim Ion had an interview to discuss the ending of the drama ” The Red Sleeve “. He talks about many interesting things, including the romance between Yi San ( 2PM’s Junho ) and Seong Deok Im ( Lee Se Young ).

As is known, Kim Ion plays one of Yi San’s sisters named Princess Chungyeon. He is also good friends with Seong Deok Im because they both like books.

During the interview, Kim Ion revealed interesting facts about his character’s relationship with Yi San and Seong Deok Im’s romance. Because Princess Chungyeon found out that they liked each other for a long time.

Even in episode 15 of “The Red Sleeve”, Princess Chungyeon became the “matchmaker” for Yi San and Seong Deok Im. This moment can be seen when Princess Chungyeon tells Seong Deok Im about Yi San’s concern for her.

Kim Ion said, “When Deok Im said, ‘I can’t be forgiven for disappointing Your Majesty’. She then said, ‘Then why did my sister send you to my house?’. After that she smiled as if she knew everything.”

He continued, “Princess Chungyeon must know how Yi San and Deok Im feel. I must also talk a lot with Princess Chungsun ( Jo Seung Hee ). The director also told me that Chungyeon would find out just like that, that he would talk about it with Chungsun at home, and that he would tell his parents.”

“The director allowed me to express movement well and there was a lot of dialogue added on set,” added the 2004-born actress.

Kim Ion then revealed the reactions of those around him to the success of “The Red Sleeve”. He said, “I think there were a lot of people watching it. I also got a lot of followers on social media.”

Grandma cried after watching the last episode. My father often promoted it and although my mother didn’t tease me, I knew that she liked it,” concluded Kim Ion.

Meanwhile, the last episode of “The Red Sleeve” presents many sad and tearful scenes. Because the domestic life of Yi San and Seong Deok Im is colored with sorrow.

This is because young Yi San suddenly wakes up in Seong Deok Im’s lap as if all these sad events were only in a dream.