Kim Hee Sun and the comeback with “Marriage Ambition”


On July 15, Kim Hee Sun ‘s latest drama “Marriage Ambition” will be broadcast.

The work is considered the next comeback of the famous Korean actress after a while away from the small screen .

“Marriage Ambition” is directed by Kim Jung Min and screenwriter Lee Geun Young. The content revolves around the Korean elite, each of whom has problems in life and goes to a place to help them relieve and get what they want even though it has to be exchanged for a rather expensive price.

Kim Hee Sun takes on the role of Seo Hye Seung – a single mother who lost everything when her husband suddenly passed away. She accidentally learns the reason for her husband’s death and is determined at all costs to find out the truth.

Kim Hee Sun showed that “ginger” is becoming more and more “spicy” when showing off her great acting ability.Talking about the reason for agreeing to play the role of Seo Hye Seung, the actress revealed that she is always looking for a Characters create new inspiration for themselves.

This is a role I have been looking for for a long time, helping me to unleash my creativity. I want this comeback to make a mark for the audience said Kim Hee Sun.

It is known that in addition to Kim Hee Sun, the film also has the participation of cult actors including Jung Yoo Jin, Cha Ji Yeon, Park Hoon … The film is also considered a formidable “rival” of the Korean series. will air in July like “To Those Who Don’t Love Me”, “Adamas”, “Today’s Webtoon”…

Kim Hee Sun used to be an expensive face of the Korean screen in the 1990s. At the peak of her career, the actress decided to marry her businessman husband in 2007. She retired from the entertainment industry and focused on taking care of her husband and young daughter.

When asked if he ever regretted deciding to stop his career, Kim Hee Sun affirmed that each life stage will need a suitable choice for her. She has never regretted and is always satisfied with what life has to offer.