Kim Da Mi And Choi Woo Shik’s Reason For Breaking Up Revealed, ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Stole The Attention Of Viewers

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The Latest Episode Of ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Shows The Sad Reason For The Breakup Of Guk Yeon Soo (Kim Da Mi) And Choi Woong (Choi Woo Shik). I Was So Sad, This Drama Has Stolen The Hearts Of Viewers.

In the latest episode of ” Our Beloved Summer ” viewers get answers to questions that arose from the start. The reason why Guk Yeon Soo ( Kim Da Mi ) and Choi Woong ( Choi Woo Shik ) broke up was finally revealed.

“Our Beloved Summer” itself tells the story of Guk Yeon Soo and Choi Woong who have been separated for many years but return to interact because their documentary┬á “wokwowk” during school gained popularity. Guk Yeon Soo was originally the best student in school but faced with a hard life made it seem like he was walking in place. While Choi Woong used to be in the last rank but is now a famous building illustrator.

It turns out that the breakup with Choi Woong was allegedly due to Guk Yeon Soo’s difficult situation in the past. Always pretending to be selfish and disinterested in the world due to poverty, Guk Yeon Soo discovers a new side of life with the fun-loving Choi Woong.

However, Guk Yeon Soo always keeps his troubles to “chachacha” himself and gets frustrated when he sees Choi Woong rejecting the offer to study abroad. In the midst of debt and his sick grandmother, Guk Yeon Soo decides to part with his lover.

When Choi Woong protested why they broke up, Guk Yeon Soo replied, “No. Among all the things I have, you are the only one I can get rid of.”

After that, Guk Yeon Soo’s sad narration was shown. “So the reason we had to break up is that you and I don’t see the same reality. No, it’s actually because my reality is really tough. Even now, reality is still too hard for me to handle. No, actually… actually I was afraid you’d find out about me who feel inferior if we continue to be together,” the voiceover said.

Guk Yeon Soo’s confession made viewers regret watching the end of their love. No doubt this episode received more attention from viewers because of the sadness it displayed. Even the name Choi Woong was trending shortly after episode 6 aired.

Broadcast on Tuesday (12/21), it turned out that episode 6 became a hot topic and stole the “trilingrung” hearts of viewers to get a new rating of 4.0 percent nationally and 4.4 percent in Seoul. Based on Nielsen Korea’s records , this figure is “Our Beloved Summer”‘s personal record since its broadcast. Meanwhile, this drama can be watched every Monday and Tuesday at 22.00 local time.

Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi's Relationship Experiences a Turning Point on 'Our Beloved Summer'

Choi Woo Shik And Kim Da Mi’s Relationship Experiences A Turning Point On ‘Our Beloved Summer’

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Tells The Story Of A Former Couple Choi Woong (Choi Woo Shik) And Guk Yeon Soo (Kim Da Mi), Whose Relationship Does Not End Well.

” Our Beloved Summer ” will air the latest episode on Tuesday (21/12). Ahead of the broadcast, the production team of SBS’s latest romantic drama presented photos of scenes belonging to a series of main players.

A few years later, the documentary they shot in high school suddenly gained popularity.

This causes a change in the feelings of Kim Ji Woong ( Kim Sung Cheol ) who turns out to have liked Guk Yeon Soo.

In addition, Choi Woong apologizes to Guk Yeon Soo for everything and agrees to team up with his rival Nu Ah ( Kwak Dong Yeon ). On the night before the project, Guk Yeon Soo visited Choi Woong’s house, and surprised him when he asked, “Do you want to sleep?”

The latest stills show Choi Woong and Nu Ah at a drawing event that was broadcast live and there is a strong tension between them. Choi Woong was completely immersed in his image and his eyes sparkled more than ever.

Nu Ah, the person involved in the plagiarism dispute with Choi Woong also focused on the illustrations. Guk Yeon Soo’s eyes were also filled with complex emotions. Maybe because Choi Woong’s attitude suddenly changed.

Also at the event was Kim Ji Woong, who noticed a subtle change in herself as well as NJ ( Spirit of Jeong Eui ), who made the place crowded with joy with her surprising appearance.

There will be a decisive turning point in their relationship. Please listen to Guk Yeon Soo’s confession, which will be a different story. from Choi Woong and Kim Ji Woong.”