Kill Boksoon Review: Single Mother Who Works As A Hitman

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“Kill Boksoon” is the latest Korean drama action film on Netflix. Directed by Byun Sung-hyun, starring Jeon Do-yeon as Gil Boksoon.

Boksoon is a skilled assassin who works for an organization called MK. In this action universe, there are two types of assassins; ‘unemployed’ who work alone without rules and professional hitmen who work in big agencies like MK. Boksoon is MK’s best asset.

Always excelling in completing missions and never failing, killing people wasn’t a difficult job for him. It is precisely her role as a single mother that is not easy to live with.

Not only containing the action genre, “Kill Boksoon” also combines parenting drama in its plot. How did Boksoon try to balance her role as mother and MK’s best asset?

Kill Boksoon

Kill Boksoon, Best Killer Has Difficulty Understanding His Child
We are introduced by Boksoon first as a skilled killer. Has a flexible fighting ability and is able to read the opponent’s movements. It is one of the characteristics of “Kill Boksoon”, that Boksoon has the ability to predict his moves, followed by the result. It was shown as one of his abilities. Until finally he returned home and applied the same method when communicating with his son (Kim Si-a), but it was not as successful as when he was at work.

Finally, we see that the main conflict in this film is how Boksoon still wants to work and be a good mother at the same time. It’s a shame that Boksoon’s portion of appearing as a mother is too minimal. Even though scenes like when he was socializing with the mothers of his children’s friends became interesting scenes.

We understand how Boksoon also loves his daughter apart from how he doesn’t seem to understand his own child. But the script doesn’t really give much space to show how much Boksoon actually loves his child.

At least the point can be that having children is enough to influence his actions as a contract killer. As well as a message about how children want to open up to their parents if their own parents keep secrets.

Kill Boksoon

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Serving Dynamic and Brutal Fighting Scenes
As an action film, “Kill Boksoon” presents various action scenes full of violence and brutality. The distance between each dynamic fight scene has an ideal distance, because of the drama interlude. So not too intense overall.

Every battle scene is packaged neatly, showing the fighting qualities of each important character, especially Boksoon. There is also the fight scene of Cha Min-kyu (Sol Kyung-gu) which is important to show.

Unfortunately, the battle round that had high expectations in the last round felt anticlimactic after two hours of character building. There are at least two fight scenes with a fairly large scale because they involve more than two people, which are executed very attractively.

Contains Many Stories But Minimal Elaboration
“Kill Boksoon” actually has a title that is quite misleading. Because the new plot looks according to the title after an hour of film duration. In the end, it’s not the main conflict either. Besides Boksoon as the protagonist, the criminal underworld universe in this film is also interesting.

Much like John Wick and his Continental Hotel, Boksoon is an assassin working for a large agency called MK. Accepting work only from big clients, has an apprenticeship system, and rules like normal companies in general.

However, the concept of MK as a whole also does not maximize its role in the script. Not to mention the unusual relationship between brother-like CEO Cha Min-hee (Esom) and Min-kyu, and what his relationship with Boksoon is. In the end, the arc from when this important character was presented was too cliche.

Finally, “Kill Boksoon” presents too many arcs and conflicts, not too focused on just one of the most basic goals. I don’t know whether Boksoon’s real priorities, or whatever the MK’s priorities are. This two-hour film does not have a focused plot and makes the audience feel as if the film is never ending.

“Kill Boksoon” has a protagonist with a pretty good appearance, the action has also been achieved. It’s a shame that there is a lot of potential that only shows a small portion in terms of story.