Kero’s Land NFT White List

Kerose Land NFT Minting, which has a strong partnership with Nexon Thailand, will be held on Thursday, May 12th.


After reading the white paper step by step, I thought that the game and token economy were fairly well structured.

As for minting, special minting, whitelist minting, and public minting are conducted in one day, but detailed information about the special minting ticket has not yet been released, so I would like to participate in Hwari minting and public minting.

Currently, Keroz is holding an event to select a whitelist, and the deadline is May 9th.

After completing a simple mission, if you do a little invitation activity, you will receive NFT by lottery or the top 1,000 scorers will be given whitelist privileges.

It’s not easy because it’s a very bad probability, but it’s worth taking a strategy to invite 2 people first and achieve 200 points and then aim for the NFT lottery.