Keisuke Kuwata live at NHK studio “Close-up Keisuke” full version on air


Kuwata Keisuke ‘s program “NHK MUSIC Kuwata Keisuke LIVE SPECIAL ‘Close-up Keisuke ~Kuwako ja na yo, Kuwata yo~’ complete version” will be broadcast on NHK General on April 3rd.

“NHK MUSIC Kuwata Keisuke LIVE SPECIAL ‘Close-up Keisuke ~It’s not Kuwako, it’s Kuwata~'” was broadcast on NHK General in November last year. Kuwata performed live at the NHK 101 studio for this program.

In the full version, the live video broadcasted in November, the singing scene of “Fire Choir [Choir]” and “Darling”, and an interview video with Kuwata by the announcer Maho Kuwako will be on air. . In an interview, Kuwata talks about her thoughts on performing live at NHK’s studio.