KDrama! Facts about The Girl Downstairs, Netflix Series Offered to Suzy

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Happy news comes for loyal viewers of Korean drama genre romance. Currently, the director of The Girl Downstairs is reportedly looking for the cast. In line with that, a number of top stars were invited to star in the drama.

One of the horrendous news was that Suzy and Yang Se Jong were offered roles as co-stars in the drama The Girl Downstairs. Curious about the drama? Check out the following facts.

1. Drama ‘The Girl Downstairs’ is adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name by Min Songah

2. ‘The Girl Downstairs’ is a drama directed by Lee Jung Hyo, the director behind the dramas ‘Romance is A Bonus Book’ and ‘Crash Landing on You’

3. The romance genre, this drama tells the story of a K-Pop idol who suddenly retires and a new student who lives in one apartment

4. On March 10, 2022, SOOP’s management, as Suzy’s agency, confirmed that the artist was in talks

5. If you later agree to star in ‘The Girl Downstairs’, Suzy will play the character of a former KPop idol named Lee Doo Na

6. Sudden news of retirement, Lee Doo Na goes on to study at the theater and film department

7. Lee Doo Na is described as a mysterious girl, has a beautiful appearance with a unique aura, and hides from her past life

8. On the other hand, Blossom Entertainment, as Yang Se Jong’s agency, clarified that the actor is still in the stage of considering

9. If it goes according to plan, this drama will be Yang Se Jong’s first project after completing his mandatory military service in November 2021

10. The ‘Doctor Romantic’ star will play the character of a new student named Lee Won Joon

11. When Lee Won Joon moved into his new apartment on the first day of college, he didn’t expect former idol Doo Na to live downstairs

12. Lee Won Joon who initially tried to avoid Lee Doo Na ended up curious about the life of the former idol

13. Recently, Y-Bloom, as Lee Yoo Bi’s agency, also stated that the artist is positively reviewing this drama offer

The Korean drama The Girl Downstairs is said to be as popular as director Lee Jung Hyo’s previous dramas, such as Crash Landing on You. Moreover, this drama raises an interesting romance story and a series of main characters on offer.