KBS Gayo Daechukje 2021: Jeonghan’s Clothing SEVENTEEN Drinks Spill, Member Expressions Make You Laugh


The Funny Moment That Accidentally Happened When SEVENTEEN Became A Lineup At The 2021 KBS Gayo Daechukje Music Festival Has Become A Byword Because Of Jeonghan. Listen, Come On!

The excitement of the 2021 KBS Gayo Daechukje festival event was not only highlighted because of the stunning performances of the artists. Funny moments between the show lineup is also often highlighted as the member behavior SEVENTEEN (II) ie Jeonghan experiencing an unpleasant experience at the same time invite laughter.

At the annual KBS festival event which was held on Friday (17/12), SEVENTEEN was present at the event as one of the lineup that would put on a special appearance. Compactly the members wore white suits when attending the Red Carpet event and after.

After receiving praise for their appearance, unfortunately Jeonghan had to change his clothes due to an unexpected incident that required him to do so. Through a fan app shared by Hoshi , it was revealed that Jeonghan had just spilled his colleague Vernon ‘s iced chocolate .

In his short video upload, Hoshi asked Vernon, “Vernon, what happened?” Vernon replied as he tried to wipe the part of his pants that had spilled his drink by saying, “Shut up first.”

On the other hand, Mingyu and Wonwoo waved at the camera and revealed, “We’re fine. The spill just ends here.” Considering that the clothes that Jeonghan is wearing are white, then the chocolate ice splashes are automatically very visible and looks dirty.

After uploading it on Weverse, Jeonghan also commented on Hoshi’s upload. “I was so surprised, I saw the flying chocolate ice,” he wrote honestly which automatically made fans laugh.

Seeing their behavior, fans flocked to their comments which could not help but laugh. How not, SEVENTEEN is known to be doing a live performance but their perfect clothes have to change.

Therefore, SEVENTEEN finally appeared wearing new clothes. Even so, Jeonghan’s unpleasant behavior actually made fans laugh because of his confused expression watching the chocolate ice spill on his feet.

“Oh my God, the dress is white, you know, Han… Tired of laughing,” wrote a fan comment. “It’s just behavior. Next time stylish, don’t give SEVENTEEN white clothes, haha ​​loolll!” write another. “Flying chocolate ice, huh, Han? It’s appropriate that your Majesty’s appearance has changed clothes,” said another fan.

KBS Gayo Daechukje 2021: Broke Out, ENHYPEN and TXT Bring BTS' 'Fire' Song Directly Trending

KBS Gayo Daechukje 2021: Broke Out, ENHYPEN And TXT Bring BTS’ ‘Fire’ Song Directly Trending

The Special Performance Of TXT And ENHYPEN At The 2021 KBS Gayo Daechukje Music Festival Was A Great Success Considering That The Two Groups Performed Songs From K-Pop Legends.

The excitement of the 2021 KBS Gayo Daechukje festival which was held on December 17th has succeeded in making viewers not stop talking about it. After being confirmed to be collaborating, TXT and ENHYPEN’s special appearance at the event succeeded in bringing it to become trending.

As previously announced, TXT and ENHYPEN collaborated together to bring legendary K-Pop songs from the 90s to 2000s. This boy group who both came from generation 4 looked stunning.

The first performance was delivered by TXT with the song “Candy” from HOT . Then the song from Se7en , “Mirotic” from TVXQ to the song from Big Bang “BANG BANG BANG” and a series of other songs.

After performing the distinctive versions of TXT and ENHYPEN, this boy group also performed the song from EXO “Growl” to the song “Fire” from BTS . All the performances that were presented by these two boy groups successfully reaped praise, especially when they performed songs from BTS.

Not only their dances are stunning, the vocal abilities of the two groups also sound perfect according to their respective characteristics. So don’t be surprised if the special appearance of ENHYPEN and TXT immediately became trending on Twitter.

“TXT and ENHYPEN broke!!” write fan comments. “I’m not okay now seeing them,” another commented. “How is this? They are perfect for bringing everything, I’m happy with Ni-Ki’s style when covering Big Bang’s songs,” another commented.

“NiKi’s appearance is stunning,” wrote another. ” Yeonjun and Heeseung lead the BTS song. So much damage!!” wrote another fan.

Meanwhile, before presenting a special performance, the two groups who are both under the HYBE agency performed their respective songs. This exciting moment attracted the attention of fans even more because the cohesiveness of the two groups proved to be a huge success.