Karoline Lima explains her breakup with Militao


“I tried to fix things, but it couldn’t be”

Karoline Lima - Eder Militao

Karoline Lima has announced the breakup of her relationship with Éder Militao , Real Madrid defender , a few days before giving birth to their daughter together.

The Brazilian media influencer, who has more than 2.6 million followers on her Instagram account, posted a video on her ‘stories’ to explain her breakup with Militao.

Karoline Lima explains her breakup with Militao: “I saw that the love relationship was not going to work”

“After he came back from his trip, I looked him up and tried to work things out. It got to a point where I saw that the love relationship was not going to work out. I decided to end it and I think it was the best decision at the time,” Karoline explains. Lime.

“We will always have a bond, which is Cecília, who will be the priority in our lives. Whatever it is, we need to be good for her. I’m fine and I’m going to get better,” the Brazilian clarified about her breakup with Militao...

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Karoline Lima, who is in the final stretch of her pregnancy, will give birth to Cecilia in the next few days: “The girl is fine and I am very strong… Cecilia is even stronger.”

Who is Karoline Lima?

Karoline Lima is a 26-year-old Brazilian model who, before she started dating Militao in 2021, had a relationship with Neymar.

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Both Militao and Karoline used to share their most intimate and romantic moments on social networks.