Karina Aespa Exactly Barbie Doll In New Candid Portrait, Visual Triggers Debate


Recently, A Number Of Photos Of Karina Taken By Fans Have Circulated On Social Media. Netizens Can’t Help But Admire Her Small Face And Perfect Body Proportions.

Karina aespa went viral again because of his extraordinary like a Barbie doll. But the visual sparked debate among netizens.

Recently, a number of photos of Karina taken by fans have circulated on social media.

Fans who posted photos of Karina apparently saw the idol filming in Seongsu-dong (an area in Seoul). Fans praised her doll-like appearance.

“Karina is in Seongsu-dong now. She is so beautiful, at first I thought she was a human-sized doll,” wrote a fan along with the photos she shared.

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Another user posted a photo of the kids filming with Karina. They compared the visuals to dolls and said in their caption that Karina also took pictures with the children and signed them.

Netizens wondered how Karina could be this beautiful and said that she was always destined to be a star. Some praised Karina’s body proportions, but found her visuals to be normal.

“Karina is a goddess. I think she is easily the top visual of the 4th generation of K-Pop. She is very beautiful,” commented netizens. “He was born to be a celebrity. If he doesn’t debut as an idol, he will be successful,” added another netizen.

Wow her face is very beautiful, and the proportions are crazy. She looks like a moving doll, praised netizens. He looks like an ordinary person with good proportions, wrote netizens. I have seen many celebrities, and there are many who are prettier than her, said netizens.

This is not the first time Karina has gone viral thanks to her incredible beauty. The owner of the name Yoo Jimin has never failed to reap the spotlight even before his November 2020 debut.

<i>No makeup</i> still beautiful

Like A Living Doll, 7 Beautiful Portraits Of Karina Aespa Effortless Makes Fans Speechless

Karina Again Made Netizens In An Uproar Because Of Her Portrait That Looks Like A Living Doll. The Beauty Of Effortless And The Series Of Portraits Of The Aespa Leader Who Successfully Made Him Speechless.

Karina aespa has recently re mengegerkan netizens for outstanding visual. Not long ago, photos of Karina were circulated by fans while filming in the Seoul area. The fan shared a portrait of Karina on social media and praised how beautiful the aespa leader was. Karina is even called a live doll son .

This is not the first time netizens have been shocked by the beauty of the “Forever” singer. Karina often steals attention because of her goddess-like face. Beautiful , effortless , here are a series of portraits of Karina who have succeeded in making speechless .

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1. No Makeup Is Still Beautiful
Karina uploaded a portrait of herself without makeup. Dressed in a black sleeveless t-shirt, he looked straight at the camera. Karina succeeded in making fans scream excitedly because of her flawless visuals.

2. Charming Portrait In The Album Teaser
Karina’s portrait during AESPA’s comeback teaser successfully made fans speechless . The reason is that Karina looks flawless in semi-bold makeup and black-and-yellow combination clothes. His charm is increasingly undeniable, no wonder he was lined up to be the visual of the group.

3. Beautiful With A Mole
Karina has one characteristic that distinguishes her from other Aespa members, namely a mole. He has a mole on his face near his lips. Karina is very cute when she smiles. Very naturally beautiful!

4. Very Photogenic
Just leaning in the corner, Karina managed to produce beautiful photos that are pleasing to the eye. In the portrait above, the Aries idol is wearing a casual black and white mix of t-shirt and pants. Not only naturally beautiful, Karina is also very photogenic.

5. Cute With Blue Hair
Karina is identical with black hair color, but this time she chose a different look than usual. The singer of “Black Mamba” looks charming with a blue wavy hairstyle. Karina epicly leaned her body against the iron barrier. The beautiful idol is apparently celebrating the 2021 New Year.

6. Cute Pose Holding A Pillow
Karina poses adorable by holding a pillow. The “Next Level” singer looked straight at the camera with her beautiful eyes. Fans were stunned by how charming the 21-year-old idol was.

7. Cute With The Dog
Karina is taking pictures with a brown dog. The 2000-born idol hugged the furry animal cheerfully. The dog also looks comfortable in Karina’s arms. So which one is your favourite?