“Kanagawa Short Drama Awards 2023” Drama Competition Grand Prize goes to Homare Takaya “Welcome back Mirai no Ko”


The “Kanagawa Short Drama Awards 2023” “Drama Competition” public screening was held today on March 25, and Homare Takaya’s “Welcome back Mirai no Ko” was selected as the grand prize.

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Roba Shimori , Itaru Sugiyama , Kaori Nishio , and Amane Matsui took the stage as final judges. In addition to the award-winning works, Dai Utsudoi’s “Loco Moco Yami Aloha”, Shusei Omi’s “Final Bus Residents”, Daichi Nakamura’s ” Night on Earth (remix)”, and Yoshifumi Hagitani’s Uniform In total, 5 works were selected, and Takaya, who won the grand prize, was presented with a prize of 200,000 yen and a trophy. The judging session was streamed live, and the archived video can be viewed until March 30th.

Performances by the performing groups of the “Theater Competition” of the “Kanagawa Short Drama Award 2023” will be held today, March 25 and tomorrow, March 26, and the public screening will be held from 17:00 on the 26th, both of which will be delivered live with archives. be done. Performing groups in the “Theater Competition” include Ikuko Sekita , theatrical unit Senobi , Shirotanpopo , Space Not Blank , Future Academy for all ages , Kanagawa Prefectural Zama Sogo High School Theater Club, Magical Girl JINDAI☆ (Kanagawa University High School Theater) ), and Masako Ito, Toshiki Okada , Takuro Suzuki , Kyoko Tokunaga , and Mikuni Yanaihara serve as judges for the competition.

In addition, the special feature of “Kanagawa Short Theater Award 2023” is being developed at Stage Natalie. Ikuko Sekita, theatrical unit Senobi, Shiroi Tanpopo, Space Not Blank, and future school for young and old, who challenged the performance screening in the “theater competition”, talk about their thoughts on participating.