Kahitna Completes Balkonjazz 2022 ‘Beautifully’


Finally , the 2022 Balkonjazz Festival is over. All performers have maximized their duties in the first event after the Pandemic in Magelang.
It was Kahitna who completed her task of closing the 2022 Balkonjazz Festival with the song Cantik. A song that always makes all the audience always sing together.

Who was served by Kahitna who didn’t sing together? Just like all the audience at Balkonjazz 2022, all of them sang along when Kahitna came on stage.

“Hello, good evening Balkonjazz 2022, thank you for wanting to survive until now. https://www.visitlewisfarms.com/profile/pasient-peicula-chileno/profile From noon all the performers have been seen and now it’s time for Kahitna to entertain you all,” said Carlo Saba on the Balkonjazz 2022 stage in Magelang, Central Java, Saturday (14/14). /5/2022) night.

Several songs have been prepared by Kahitna on that occasion. Some of the songs include Tak Sebebas Pigeon, Unchanged, Love Story, The Most Beautiful Ex, If He Knows, About Me, Soulmate, A Year Yesterday, Just Say It and finally closed with Beauty.

Kahitna ‘s stage act has never failed to entertain anyone who witnessed it. https://www.visitlewisfarms.com/profile/el-milagro-stu-online/profile Makes you baper, makes you happy and makes your heart swell when you hear all the songs that were sung at that time.

As one of the bands that has been in the Indonesian music scene for a long time, Kahitna always has a few surprises for everyone who is willing to wait for the stage action.

Like this time they asked one of the audience to come up on stage. Andrea, one of the female audience members who managed to get on stage.

But they don’t just go up on stage, they look for spectators who always wear masks at the event. They found the woman from Magelang.

“What’s his name? It smells really good, it’s white again,” said Mario Ginanjar.

Kahitna pulled the audience up onto the stage.
“Andrea is from Magelang,” said Andrea.

Getting the audience already on stage, Mario Ginanjar, Carlo Saba and Hedi Yunus immediately made everyone there envious tonight.

Andrea gets special treatment from them. Starting from being invited to sing together, being hugged and kissed on the forehead by Mario Ginanjar.

“That’s what his friend said that he couldn’t come back together,” said Mario Ginanjar.

“Don’t be like that, he will come back with us,” joked Hedi Yunus.

“For 36 years, this is the first time you’ve watched it? You’re always at home, aren’t you,” joked Mario Ginanjar.

They sing in the song Not as Free as Merpati. And Kahitna’s action of pulling Andrea got the attention of many people. https://www.visitlewisfarms.com/profile/vuelta-al-insti-online-cuevana-hd/profile

Even though it was raining in the middle of the event, all the audience faithfully watched their idol’s stage act to the end.

“Thank you for holding on until now even though it was raining. We will have a concert later in Jakarta to celebrate Kahitna’s 36th birthday, I hope you can come later,” said Mario.

The song Cantik was the closing of Kahitna at the 2022 Balkonjazz Festival.