K-Talk: Red Velvet’s Transformation Into Spring Queen Through Feel My Rhythm


After a long wait, Red Velvet has finally released an album titled The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm. Irene cs also transformed into the queen of spring.
During the album booking period, The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm has sold more than 500 thousand units. This figure is the largest order sales figure in Red Velvet’s career.

In it there are 6 songs with different colors. Such as ‘Feel My Rhythm‘, the title song filled with spring emotions, ‘Rainbow Halo’, ‘Beg For Me’, ‘BAMBOLEO’, ‘Good, Bad, Ugly’, and ‘In My Dreams’.

The K-Talk team was also given the opportunity to chat with the Red Velvet members about their latest album. They discussed the concept of classical music samples which became an important point in this comeback.

Talking about their transformation as ballerina, Wendy said the concept highlighted the elegant side of Red Velvet. And according to Irene, Seulgi is the member who best fits the concept.

“Our song starts with sampling Air on the G String. The ballerina concept fits perfectly with the song and can show our elegant side. Because Red Velvet is a group that can showcase various concepts well, we were able to show a graceful and classic side through this album, said Wendy.

“I think Seulgi showed a new charm through the album jacket photo shoot. Seulgi looks very elegant and beautiful,” added Irene.

As for sampling Air on the G String, Seulgi felt that the classic song had an aura of spring, just like the concept they wanted to bring. And for the first time, Red Velvet managed to combine modern music with classical very nicely.

“Feel My Rhythm in my opinion is a song that can display classic yet energetic colors, also showing Red Velvet’s experimental soul. The main concept of ReVe Festival is ‘Imagination Journey’. We chose Feel My Rhythm because it fits the concept. This song also shows a new beginning which makes listeners excited, just like spring,” explained Seulgi.

“Air on the G String is also very suitable for spring and is a very popular song among the public. So we decided to take a sample and put it on our new single,” he concluded.