K-Talk: Kwon Eun Bi Exclusive Talks About Musical Development


Kwon Eun Bi recently made a comeback https://www.lythamhall.org.uk/profile/jujutsu-kaisen0-online/profile with the release of the album Color. Glitch was chosen as the main song being promoted.
The K-Talk team was also given the opportunity to chat with Kwon Eun Bi about her comeback. Compared to the previous album, the former IZ*ONE member feels that his music is more developed.

“This album is titled Color, and the main song is Glitch. The Glitch song itself has meaning, even though I’m not perfect, but there’s still confidence there,” said Kwon Eun Bi.

One of the things that he thought influenced this development was https://www.lythamhall.org.uk/profile/encanto-online-enespanol-latino/profile when Kwon Eun Bi felt that she could love herself. Thus, he feels more confident and wants to pass this on to his fans through the music he releases.

“I love myself, because it means I’m confident and attractive, so that I can finally love myself,” said Kwon Eun Bi.

“So I wanted to show that I love myself and that I have charm and confidence,” she explained. https://steemit.com/artist/@budakangon/profile-of-tangmo-nida-thai-artist-allegedly-killed-while-riding-a-speedboat-on-the-chao-phraya-river In a chat with the K-Talk team, Kwon Eun Bi also revealed what he really wanted to try outside of music. Apparently, Eun Bi wants to try to jump into the world of acting.

“If there is a chance I want to try acting. The romantic genre, and become the female lead,” said Kwon Eun Bi.

In addition, Kwon Eun Bi also left a message to fans in USA. https://www.lythamhall.org.uk/profile/sonic-2-la-pelicula/profile  Like what? Come on, check out the K-Talk team chat with Kwon Eun Bi together!