K-Pop Idols Have Enchanting Expressions on Stage, There’s NCT’s Jeno!

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While it may not seem like much, facial expressions are a big part of stage K-Pop Idols performances , not just when an idol sings or raps. When your gaze is mysteriously drawn to a certain star on stage, the reason is most likely their facial expressions.

Facial expressions are the best storytelling tool and nothing is more fun to watch than an idol who is totally involved and totally in their performance. Launching from Soompi , the following are 7 K-Pop idols who are nicknamed “performance geniuses” thanks to their facial expressions:

1. Hyunjin Stray Kids

Hyunjin is part of the Stray Kids dance line , which means that the choreography is so natural that even the most difficult moves can be made easy. Her dancing skills are absolutely amazing. Hyunjin’s expression is also always “active”, not only when he knows he has the camera’s focus, but his expression also matches his dance moves very well.

2. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Such an outstanding performer, Seulgi is always seen enjoying herself on stage. His expressions are always catchy, and you can usually catch a smile or two no matter how serious the song is. Since Seulgi has a lot of fun on stage, she’s also really fun to look at from the audience’s point of view.

3. NCT’s Jeno

NCT’s Jeno really catches the audience’s attention in every appearance. He really focused on making the song come alive with every move. That means Jeno’s facial expressions are as detailed as the choreography. He may be a highly trained performer, but also knows how to have fun on stage.

4. TWICE’s Nayeon

Nayeon is really good at matching expressions to the nuances of the song including the lyrics. An outstanding performance is certainly expected from someone who has been in the entertainment world for quite a while and Nayeon still manages to stand out even among veteran idol stars because of her attractive expression.

5. TXT’s Beomgyu

TXT is known for its very energetic choreography, so it’s impressive that Beomgyu has time to think about facial expressions when he dances. He even makes it look effortless and that is an impressive talent in itself. TXT’s Beomgyu can catch your attention when he steps on stage and his performance is definitely worth watching.

6. Tsuki Billlie

Tsuki Billie’s appearance is arguably the most viral fancam at this time because his appearance was captivating from the start to the end. The expression on her face really makes Tsuki special. He tells the song through his face and does it miraculously.

7. J-Hope BTS

J-Hope always manages to capture the atmosphere of every stage with his facial expressions, from the serious feel of “Black Swan” to the cheerful and happy feeling

What do you think? Has your favorite K-Pop idol been included in Soompi’s version of “performance genius” ?