K-Pop Idols Accused of Cheating to the Facts of the MT Youth Variety Show


Cheating is an act that is hated the most by everyone. Apparently, a row of K-pop idols has also been accused of having an affair, you know. Even though it’s not true, it’s still a very unpleasant accusation.

In addition, there is also a new variety show that makes you curious, namely Youth MT. This variety show stars a row of top Korean artists. Facts related to Youth MT are also quite interesting to discuss.

1. This is a collection of male drakor characters that are difficult to approach
Being a male character who is difficult to approach in KDrama is a special attraction for the audience. Greget because he never fell in love, making the men in this Korean drama have their own charms.

One of these characters is Lee Joon Gi in the drama Again My Life. Not only that, 13 other characters

2. List of the most selling albums for K-Pop boy bands
Album is a collection of works of every boyband that is always hunted by fans. The number of sales also stole the attention. Especially if the sales are stepping on the highest number.

Some of the boy bands with the most album sales are BTS, NCT to EXO. Curious what the reviews are like?

3. K-Pop idols who have been accused of having an affair
Some of the K-Pop idols below have been accused of having an affair. Because of these accusations, netizens were busy talking about the case of this Kpop idol affair. Even so, not everything is proven, huh!

KPop idols include EXO’s Chanyeol, BLACKPINK’s Jennie to NCT’s Lucas. Not only that, see the complete

4. Korean actor caught in the bullying controversy
Cases of bullying seem to never end. Especially for a public figure in South Korea, bullying could have a bad impact on his future career.

One of the Korean actors who recently grabbed attention is Nam Joo Hyuk. He was accused of bullying at school. Not alone, five other Korean actors have also been dragged into this case.

5. Facts variety show Youth MT
Youth MT is one of the variety shows that will be aired and most awaited by netizens. Carrying an interesting concept, Youth MT stars a row of top Korean artists, you know. So, what are the facts of this variety show ?