K-Pop BTS love overflowing with YOU I will never make an effort if I look like Mr. Jungkook

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I was able to advance with the BTS song Toko Takeuchi confessing menopause confession . The appearance of BTS who showed a performance that makes fans enthusiastic at the Grammy Awards

When the BTS song DNA is introduced at the beginning of the first part of the program (0:15 pm to 6:50 pm) , Takeuchi Anna read aloud the letter from the listener who pointed out the point, saying (video) Jimin-chan, up is the point with joy, It’s cool, isn’t it? Mr. Masayuki Furuya, a radio DJ who has been the host of the BTS event since his debut, said, I think the person listening to the radio is Mr. Takeuchi, right? When I was surprised, Anna Takeuchi said, Since 2018, I have been ARMY (a general term for BTS fans). I can really understand where and who is singing (of the song), and I feel my growth. I confessed. Mr. Furuya laughed, I’m the representative of NHK, but I’m also ARMY, so please rest assured. On this day, Anna Takeuchi will put on her power to perform in her own JIMIN T-shirt. In the first part from noon, there will be a corner to pick up members individually, JIMIN, J-HOPE , V, JIN, JUNG KOOK., SUGA, RM were set up in this order. Announcer Takeuchi said to the listeners, Please tell us a lot about the members’ favorite points and charms. Music, fashion, performance, muscle , anything is OK, Furuya said. It’s not in the manuscript, right? LOL. Anna Takeuchi laughed playfully, I tried to add a little. She also confessed that she was a fan of Jimin herself and introduced, There is a gap. What is that feeling. Jimin is from Busan. Sometimes Busan accents come out in variety. Mr. Furuya burst into laughter again, saying, The information is too detailed. In the member’s V (nicknamed Tete) corner, there was a scene where Anna Takeuchi asked Mr. Furuya what kind of scent?, And Mr. Furuya said, There is no sweat scent for Mr. V. The sweat is extremely transparent. That’s right. It’s as transparent as Fuji’s famous water. It’s the scent of flowers. It’s the flowers themselves, he said humorously. On the other hand, Mr. Furuya said about BTS’s early song 2 COOL 4 SKOOL (2013), The 2013 K-POP scene where this album came out is the mainstream hook song, and the lyrics do not have that much meaning. It was a time when I was doing songs centered around phrases that would get caught in the song. At that time, I made my debut as a hip-hop idol / BTS, and as a teenager, I spoke for the cry of the hearts of my generation. Playing music as a person was extremely rare at that time, and it was different from the mainstream at that time. I was surprised (the music industry) that there were artists who did this kind of thing in such an era. I worked, but on the stage, the sound from my feet was so powerful that it echoed far away. We are going to make a loud BTS sound in the music scene from now on. I remembered that I felt a sense of urgency, he recalled with nostalgia. Takeuchi Anna said, Attack on When Bangtan / Attack on Bangtan is applied, I don’t want to go to work every day when I have a difficult time due to menopause, so I start advancing when I get up from Shibuya station. I can really walk. (NHK) By the time I arrived, I was feeling fine. There were echoes on the internet saying, The story of Anna Takeuchi’s menopause is too deep. Attack on Bangtan! I understand that feeling. BTS that saved Toko Takeuchi’s menopause. I understand. Anna Takeuchi appeared in the program interview of NHK Special #Minna no Menopause broadcast on April 16th. She confessed that about five years ago she suddenly suffered from a hot flash symptom of hot flashes above her neck and decided to quit the announcer. Many BTS fan entertainers such as singer Miu Sakamoto, actress Naomi Nishida, talent and actress YOU, talent Teruyoshi Uchimura, and Muga Tsukaji will appear on the program. YOU said, The entrance to becoming a BTS fan is especially JUNG KOOK. I feel like I was born. Mr. Guku is not good with my son. Singing and dancing are good. Mr. Guku who is making an effort is the exact opposite of me. I am a person who really wants to be lazy. If I were Mr. Jungkook’s looks, I would never make an effort. Somehow it’s messed up. I wonder what he’s doing. The boy became a young man. I’m happy or troubled, isn’t it? .. After the show, Tsukaji wrote on his Twitter account, It was a lot of fun! It was a storm of empathy that you can understand by reading the comments of ARMY listeners. On the 2nd of the night, the listeners said, I’m too happy. BTS is the best. I want you to feature it every month. I kept nodding while listening to it in my eyes. It was fun because it seemed like I was meeting a huge Ami. Last night was a happy time with many emotions. I felt like I was on the radio, but I was happy with ARMY. Yesterday, while listening to BTS, my encounter with Bantan helped me a lot. It was a time when I thought, and other voices are being sent to SNS one after another. In the second part (7:20 pm to 9:00 pm), the ranking of BTS songs that changed your destiny