K-pop beauties worthy of the title ‘It Girl’: Blackpink, Mamamoo, Twice


The title It Girl is originally a favorable phrase for a beautiful young girl, distinguished by her constant appearance through the media. The word “It”, which means “something”, refers to sexual attraction, attraction and appearance. So in the Korean idol world, which female idol is called It Girl?

1. Jennie (Blackpink)
As a talented piece of the top girl group Blackpink, Jennie was named the first name by netizens for the title It Girl. With a very standard body and a beauty that thousands of people love, Jennie “weighs” every outfit.

Every item she used quickly became a hot topic of public interest. The female idol used to create fashion trends with accessories such as hairpins, bags, lipsticks… These items were all “sold out” when the main rapper Blackpink used them.

The combination of chic charisma and leading fashion style, Jennie caught the eye of Chanel and became the House Ambassador for the brand. She is recognized as the person with the most suitable color for this luxury fashion house.

In addition to fashion, Jennie also creates a great inspiration for young people when it comes to makeup. Currently, the female idol holds an exclusive contract with the cosmetic brand Hera. Statistics show that the foundation line advertised by Jennie has sold more than 100,000 products in a month with a revenue of more than 5 million USD. The lipstick line of this brand also “sold out” quickly with sales 5 times thanks to her influence.

2. Hwasa (Mamamoo)
With her powerful voice, full body and seductive dark skin, Hwasa has beaten the beauty standards of popular K-pop idols. While female idols love the image of sweets, Hwasa chooses a sexy style and becomes an impressive It Girl.

With the advantage of body shape, Hwasa easily creates her own fashion style. The female idol favors disruptive, rebellious designs and makeup that shows her strong and powerful personality.

3. Irene (Red Velvet)
Irene’s “golden ratio” face always makes people admire every time she appears. SM’s traditional center aura is the “ultimate weapon” that helps her win the hearts of many fans. With this top-notch visual, it’s no wonder that Irene has become a sought-after face by brands. The female idol entered the top of the “advertising queens” with a series of names like IU, Jennie, Suzy…

In the field of fashion, Irene also has her own place. She was chosen as Prada’s Brand Ambassador. However, because of an attitude scandal, her promotional projects with the same brand have not restarted so far.

4. Nayeon (Twice)
As a member of the group Twice, Nayeon soon caught the attention of both her talent and beauty. The female idol easily conquers the style from sweet to sexy. Although compared to Jennie or Irene, Nayeon still has not had a great development in fashion, but the items she wears are still welcomed by many fans.