Justin Bieber Concert Promoter Reminds About Ticket Scams


AEG Presents Asia, PK Entertainment and Sound Rhythm as the promoter of Justin Bieber concert 2022 reminded them to be careful of fraud.

Through his Instagram media account, the promoter reminded that tickets are not for resale.

Please be careful of various forms of fraud in the name of PK Entertainment and Sound Rhythm, reads their announcement quoted

Justin Bieber Justice World Tour 2022 concert tickets are not for resale, they added in the announcement.

The promoter also reminds to avoid transactions from or with untrusted sources.

The high interest of prospective audience members for Justin Bieber concerts had indeed created an error ticket sales website, Tuesday (2022)

So that makes many people complain about the same thing because once they are accessible, the tickets they want, especially CAT 5 are sold out.

However, based on the announcements shared by the promoter, they confirmed that they had not announced regarding tickets that had been sold out.

If there is no official announcement from PK Entertainment and Sound Rhythm that the ticket stock has been sold out, then the tickets are only in fully booked status and are waiting for the completion of the payment process.

The promoter asks that prospective concert goers who have not yet received tickets can check ticket sales regularly.

Because when there is a payment failure or cancellation, the ticket will be automatically returned to the ticket sales system.

Please keep checking regularly for ticket availability, because the display on the ticket purchase page will systemically display ‘tickets run out‘ when a fully booked state occurs, said the promoter.

There is no need to worry and panic, friends. Please be willing to always wait for the latest information from us. Who knows, there will be more good news from the promoter, they added.