Just joined, Marko Lazetic’s fate is not clear at AC Milan?


The young Serbian player, Marko Lazetic, just joined AC Milan in January 2022.

Even so, until now he has not had the opportunity to show off with Stefano Pioli’s squad at senior level.

To note, AC Milan did put Marko Lazetic in the first team even though he was still 18 years old. With the number 22 back, his name is also ‘perched’ on the list of AC Milan’s senior players which is displayed on their official website.

AC Milan’s decision to include Marko Lazetic’s name is certainly not without reason. In the senior team, he is expected to learn a lot from Zlatan Ibrahimoivic and Olivier Giroud to become a reliable striker.

As reported by Semper Milan, being on the senior team list, the former Red Star Belgrade striker also received a fitness training scheme that was more or less the same as his other colleagues.

But unfortunately, the beginning of his story with AC Milan did not seem too smooth after suffering an injury in the Primavera team match the other day.

Playing for Federico Giunti’s squad, he was forced to come off in the 79th minute even though he only came on as a substitute in the 46th minute.

In that match, Marko Lazetic did show good stamina and physical strength, but after that he actually suffered an injury. Luckily, it wasn’t too bad.

As a result, he was unable to participate optimally for AC Milan U-19 which narrowly won over the opponent, Verona U-19, 2-0.

Until now, Marko Lazetic is still waiting for his debut moment with Zlatan Ibrahimovic et al.

Stefano Pioli hasn’t been given a chance yet
To realize that dream debut, Marko Lazetic would have to work extra hard at Milanello. But he has many advantages that can be relied on to captivate the coach’s heart.

If you look at his stature, it’s certainly not strange to call Marko Lazetic a tall center forward (192 cm) with excellent physique.

This will also make it easier for him to get past defenders who want to steal the ball when attacking.

In addition, with the age of 18 years, it seems not difficult for him to aim for a place in Stefano Pioli’s squad which is dominated by young players.

On the other hand, he is reportedly also quite proficient in English, which can at least help the communication process with his colleagues and coaching staff.

After joining AC Milan in January, Marko Lazetic did follow a specific training program to get the green light in terms of fitness from the coaching staff.

Perhaps it was this focus that influenced and made Stefano Pioli’s debut for a long time. He did not have much time to study the tactics played by his colleagues in the senior team.

Even though he is currently learning Italian, he may still find it difficult to understand technical and tactical things.

When he was brought in, AC Milan had high hopes for him as one of their long-term investments.

But with the current situation that has not debuted, is Marko Lazetic’s future already bleak at this Italian giant club?

Awaiting the fate of Marko Lazetic
Of course it is still early enough to find answers to these questions. However, there are at least two possibilities that could happen to Marko Lazetic.

The first is the obligation to step on the gas after getting the opportunity to play and debut with the senior team. This opportunity is clearly not wasted.

He also has the opportunity to impress Stafano Pioli during the pre-season agenda, which in any team is often used as a venue for young players to show off.

The Italian League 2021-2022 season itself still leaves eight matches before it officially ends in May.

So, there is still enough time for Marko Lazetic to appear or later during the 2022-2023 pre-season.

The second is an option that wonderkids in big teams have often taken, namely ‘schooling’ at another club first and then returning home as a better and mature player.

If it is necessary to go on loan, AC Milan seems to be able to release Marko Lazetic to fellow Italian League rivals.

This will make it easier for them to observe the player’s actions and development up close.

But whatever it is, the club’s decision regarding the future of Marko Lazetic will most likely be taken during the evaluation at the end of the season.

Of course it’s worth waiting for what happens to the Rossoneri recruits who can be said to be ‘anget-angetnya’.