Jurgen Klopp is scared to know Ralf Rangnick is coaching Manchester United


Liverpool manager, Juergen Klopp, spoke up after Ralf Rangnick joined Manchester United. Klopp admitted that he was quite worried when he heard that Rangnick would coach Manchester United.

Indeed, Rangnick only coached Manchester United for six months. However, Klopp thinks there will be changes that Rangnick will bring to the Red Devils.

With his status as a gegenpressing inventor and professor in football development, Rangnick is likely to change the coaching structure at MU which has been a major problem.

Unfortunately, a great manager came to England. That’s a fact, he had to go to Manchester United. Ralf is an experienced manager, building two clubs from nothing to become a threat and a new force in Germany, with Hoffenheim and Red Bull Leipzig,” Klopp said, quoted by Sky. Sports .

Can change the competition map : Klopp believes Rangnick’s arrival to Manchester United will change the competitive landscape in the Premier League. Manchester United, Klopp predicts, will play more neatly and organized with Rangnick.

Like it or not, according to Klopp, all teams must be ready to face the rise of the Red Devils, which fans have been hoping for. The capital is strong, because in addition to having Rangnick, they have an extraordinary line of stars.

“Of course, this is not good news for all teams in England. We have to be ready to face Manchester United who played neatly,” said Klopp.

Rangnick, The Godfather of Gegenpressing : Rangnick did have a great service to the development of German and European football. He is the inventor of the gegenpressing system.

Even though he doesn’t have a flashy trophy record, his idea in the playing scheme has given birth to a number of great coaches as well.

Klopp and Thomas Tuchel are two of Rangnick’s best students. Both imitate and develop the gegenpressing scheme that Rangnick developed. So, don’t be surprised if Klopp and Tuchel respect Rangnick.

Still managing work permits : Until now, MU is still waiting for Rangnick’s arrival. The documents needed for Rangnick’s work permit are still being processed.

If the process goes smoothly, Rangnick will likely arrive at the beginning of next week. The duel against Arsenal on December 2, 2021, could be a debut moment for him.