Jungkook’s Live Voice Every Time He Sings This BTS Song, It’s All Praiseworthy


Recently, A Netizen Started A Discussion On An Online Community And Explained That Jungkook’s Vocals When Singing ‘Dope’ Were Amazing. His Vocal Improvement Was Also Praised.

Jungkook who is the main vocalist of BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) is known as a multitalented idol. Recently, netizens have highlighted his vocal abilities that have developed over the years.

BTS has undoubtedly gained a lot of fans over the years. Although this boy group originally had a small fandom, they now have millions of fans around the world.

Recently, a netizen started a discussion on an online community and explained that Jungkook’s vocals when singing “Dope” were amazing. Netizens also think he has improved his singing skills over the years.

Starting from BTS’ appearance on television in 2015 to this year’s V Live broadcast. Netizens explained that her singing voice has recently matured and improved.

Netizens praised how well Jungkook sings and also admired his vocal improvement over the years. Others praised the “golden maknae”‘s ability to sing live.

“The live singing is very good,” commented netizens. “I became a fan when I saw Jungkook singing. He was amazing at singing since he was young,” added another netizen. “From the beginning his vocals have been good and he has gotten much better over the years,” praised netizens.

“I became a fan when I saw Jungkook singing ‘Dope’ too,” said another.

Meanwhile, BTS will hold an offline concert “BTS Permission to Dance On Stage” at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on November 27-28 and December 1-2 local time. Big Hit Music will broadcast the last day’s concert via live streaming.

Visual Jungkook BTS No Makeup Kejutkan Netizen, Makin Meresahkan Saat Basah-Basahan 1

Visual No Makeup Jungkook BTS Surprises Netizens, Getting Soaked Even More Troubled

Recently An Online Community Post Shared A Photo Of Jungkook From The Latest Season Of ‘In The SOOP.’ Netizens Can’t Stop Talking About Her Innocent Visual Without Makeup.

Jungkook BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) has visuals that spoil the eyes. However, her appearance without makeup has recently received more attention from netizens.

Recently an online community post shared a photo of Jungkook from the latest season of ” In the SOOP “. Netizens can’t stop talking about her innocent visual without makeup.

Jungkook exudes confidence and charisma on stage. But his appearance was the exact opposite when relaxing with the BTS members, especially during “In the SOOP.”

Whether it’s cooking, relaxing, or doing outdoor activities, Jungkook always looks perfect. His visuals are so handsome even without makeup and messy hair.

Netizens continue to praise Jungkook’s perfect visuals and physique as he plays foot volleyball in the rain. His shoulder tattoo was also seen when the 1997-born singer was drenched in rain.

Jungkook’s makeup-free visuals were stunning during “In the SOOP,” making netizens wonder how someone could look this handsome doing normal everyday things at home. Netizens couldn’t help but marvel at the visuals.

“I’m weak when faced with a bare-faced Jungkook! It’s very different from when he was on stage,” commented netizens. “Jungkook is very handsome,” praised netizens.

“His innocent visuals without makeup are so handsome that I want to capture all the scenes,” said another. “How can a man who just woke up look so handsome?” concluded another.

Asked If You Like Reading Books Or Not, Jungkook BTS’s Honest Answer Reaps Attention

Last Year, BTS Released ARMY Kits For Fans With ARMY Membership. One Of The Questions Was About Reading A Book, And Jungkook Was Completely Transparent With The Answer.

Jungkook BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) interview went viral among fans because of how honest the answers were. At that time he was asked about reading books.

Back in 2020, BTS released ARMY Kits for fans with ARMY membership. The theme is fairy tales and each member is asked various questions about their favorite story, what story they will write, what type they like.

One of the questions was about reading a book, and Jungkook was completely transparent with the answer. Absolutely no imaging.

Jungkook was first asked what kind of book he read. The 1997-born singer explained that he didn’t read much because he had trouble focusing.

Even Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh when asked what he was looking for when choosing a book. Because he doesn’t read often, the “golden maknae” doesn’t have a particular preference in choosing books.

Jungkook was then asked if he used to go to bookstores when he was little. The answer? Simple “No.” Instead of a bookstore, Jungkook often goes to the internet cafe.

Jungkook describes his reading style as, “The one who doesn’t finish reading the book!”

Jungkook said he didn’t read much in 2020. But earlier this year, V revealed that Jungkook had been reading in his spare time, even though Jungkook couldn’t remember the title of what he was reading.

The concert was held at the Olympic Stadium without spectators in attendance.

BTS will also hold an offline concert “BTS Permission to Dance On Stage” at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on November 27-28 and December 1-2 local time. Big Hit Music will broadcast the last day’s concert via live streaming.