Jungkook BTS’s Surrender Response To ARMYs Who Blame Him For Not Having a Girlfriend

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BTS has set very high standards for girlfriend criteria and now some ARMYs can’t accept a man who is less than their idol’s standards.

They acknowledged that and what solution did Jungkook give to someone who blamed him for being the reason he couldn’t find a girlfriend ?

The standards of fans choosing Jungkook’s bias are very high. It might be hard to find someone who is as good as a BTS idol as a girlfriend .

What can a fan do when she can’t find a boyfriend for standardizing a guy like Jungkook? Maybe Jungkook has a solution.

A fan has thought that Jungkook BTS has a solution for that one problem.

The BTS members have stolen the hearts of millions around the world, starting with their musical talent that caught the attention of fans.

Then if you focus on their personality, anyone can find a very warm and sweet heart that also ultimately conquers their fans.

And don’t forget the visuals of the Bangtan Sonyeondan members, they are very attractive and have extraordinary inner and outer beauty.

Like Jungkook, Bangtan’s maknae has amazing features both inside and out.

All of this makes most ARMYs have chosen it as their bias in the group or their main bias.

Jeon Jungkook is not only handsome and has a charming style. This idol is very talented in his field.

He also has a cheerful, funny, and very cute personality which makes fans really like him.

Although BTS and ARMY ‘s love is platonic, some of the fans also set their idols as the standard for the men in their lives.

Fans have set the bar very high if they make BTS’ Jungkook the standard.

It might be hard to find a girlfriend that meets ARMY ‘s demands . A boyfriend like Jungkook BTS who has almost everything.

If many ARMYs want a girlfriend but some admit that none of them really meet their type.

How do they find one if their type is Jungkook BTS ? Everyone knows there is only one Jungkook BTS in this world.

Fans don’t take their eyes off Jungkook and this has kept them single for a long time.

I don’t know if this is a joke they stay single because the male standard is Jungkook but a fan took the case to Jungkook.

Jungkook has set very high standards and ARMYs can’t have a girlfriend because of him, what can fans do?

Because it has become a routine, Jungkook opened the ‘question box’ feature on Instagram Story waiting for questions from fans.

Even though Instagram is a little problematic, the BTS idol still answers some questions from his fans.

Among them there are those who blame Jungkook for not having a girlfriend , what is the response of the Golden Maknae?

“Oppa is so good that I can’t get a girlfriend , will you take responsibility? asked an ARMY .

Unexpectedly this question was answered by Jungkook and he said “I don’t think there is anything that can be done.. I’m sorry”

So Jungkook couldn’t be held responsible, he just unintentionally made himself up and set high standards.

It wasn’t Jungkook’s fault that there wasn’t someone who could come close to his cute, polite, and handsome self.

Even so, after all, Jungkook belongs to his fans. Do ARMYs still need a boyfriend when they have idols like Jungkook?

In another ARMY question , this is fully confirmed by Jungkook. Actually the relationship between ARMY and BTS is great and great.

Fans once said “Jungkook is mine” and Jungkook confirmed it by saying “I’m yours”.

ARMY and Jungkook have a good interaction on Instagram stories. Fandom hopes that he will continue to answer questions from his fans which resulted in many iconic moments.