Jungkook BTS Weakness When You Lose Playing Games with RM

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Jungkook can be said to be one of the most successful fanboys in the world.

How could Jungkook not succeed in joining a group and debuting with his own idol.

ARMYs of course already know that Jungkook is RM stan’s biggest rival when it comes to fangirling .

Jungkook often expresses his admiration for the leader of his own group on various occasions.

Even ARMYs have to thank RM because thanks to RM we can see Jungkook BTS today.

Jungkook chose to join Bighit because he was amazed when he watched RM’s performances when he was young.

Jungkook, who had just finished auditioning for Kpop Star, decided to reject the other seven agencies and join Bighit.

On various occasions Jungkook often reveals that he really admires RM.

Jungkook had even slipped because the video when he praised RM was broadcast live.

But Jungkook’s admiration for RM still made him respect RM as an older member and also a leader.

RM has even openly expressed that he feels jealous of Jin, who is close to Jungkook.

Even though they have lived together for more than a decade, Jungkook’s fan spirit is still burning.

Like in one of those moments when Jungkook and RM were playing at RUN BTS .

Both have to look at each other and the side that avoids will be declared lost in the game.

RM and Jungkook seemed to be standing in the middle of the swimming pool where the game was going to take place.

Suga, who served as the host, seemed to put his cue card as a barrier between Jungkook and RM.

But just as Suga pulled his cue card up, Jungkook had already shown his thrashing fanboy side.

With intense gazes and winks, RM managed to beat Jungkook in the game.




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