Jungkook BTS Calls His Mother Who Married His Father Because He’s Handsome Despite


As the youngest, Jungkook is said to be the most innocent BTS member , even his behavior and face are like a baby.

His innocence made Jungkook BTS not hesitate when telling the love story of his parents.

Jungkook said his mother married his father who was two years younger because of his good looks, it’s only natural that his son is now handsome too .

It was known that when Jungkook was a guest on the show let’s eat dinner together, his innocent story made Kang Ho Dong unable to hold back laughter.

His love story was revealed when the youngest member of BTS told that his father used to be a smoker, while waiting for a target to eat with.

My father used to smoke, and quit, Jungkook said .

Hearing the openness of the youngest member of BTS , Kang Ho Dong began to be curious about Jungkook’s parents .

The presenter who is also a comedian asked about the father’s age of the BTS member who was born on September 1, 1997.

Without hesitation, he answered that his father was born in 1971. However, he began to suspect Kang Ho Dong ‘s reaction , which began to change when he mentioned his father’s birth.

My father was born in 1971, why?, he continued.

The host of let’s eat dinner together was surprised to find out Jungkook ‘s father’s age , and introduced himself as uncle, because he was one year older.

I’m your uncle, one year older, said Kang Ho Dong .

The BTS member considers the reaction of his interlocutor natural, considering his father’s age was only 26 when he was born, and he is the second child.

Meanwhile, in South Korea, marriage at a young age is very rare. The owner of JK’s nickname openly said that his parents married at a young age.

He also said that his father was two years younger than his mother (brondong), which made Kang Ho Dong even more astonished.

My father married at a young age, younger than my mother, two years apart, said Jungkook.

It didn’t stop there, the Virgo member BTS told the love story of his parents innocently without hesitation.

He revealed that his mother confessed her love to his father first, because he was tempted by Jungkook ‘s father’s good looks at that time.

Mom said it first, she said she did it because dad was handsome , she continued.

Furthermore, he said that his mother was more proactive in his love life with his father and was an energetic person.

Jungkook BTS ‘s innocence when telling the love story of his parents, succeeded in making Kang Ho Dong laugh out loud.