Jungkook breaks ARMY’s heart after giving sad confession about BTS


This past month, all the members of BTS have posted vlogs revealing what they have been doing during their individual vacations, where they enjoy their free time. This week it was Jungkook ‘s turn , where he went camping with his administrative staff and director RUN BTS .

Through the almost 50 minutes of the video, Jeon Jungkook drove his car, had a mini mukbang, and learned how to set up tents for camping, as well as spending the night in front of the beach. After dinner of grilled pork belly, he was roasting marshmallows and suddenly made all ARMY sad after revealing that he misses being with the other members of BTS a lot.

This confession came to fans with a bitter sweet taste, as even though they decided to take time out for their individual activities, it’s understandable to miss your friends. Each BTS is trying to focus on their own activities, but it is impossible for them not to think about their other six soulmates.

ARMY was able to notice that all the members have given similar confessions and this breaks their hearts, since due to their individual jobs, it is impossible for the 7 to be together for several months. This is how V , Suga , J-Hope , RM , Jungkook, Jin , and Jimin have been missing each other for several months now.