Jun Ji Hyun Cs Desperately Holding Back Laughter Because Of This Figure, The Atmosphere Of ‘Jirisan’ Filming, Like A Comedy Drama?


In The Behind-The-Scenes Video ‘Jirisan’ Uploaded By TvN, Players Such As Jun Ji Hyun, Oh Jung Se, Go Min Si Can See That The Director Couldn’t Hold Back His Laughter Because Of This Figure.

Recently, ” Jirisan ” shared some pretty entertaining behind-the-scenes activities. The drama, starring Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon , has attracted 10.7 percent of viewers’ attention in the second episode which aired on Sunday (24/10).

Written by Kim Eun Hee, “Jirisan” is a mystery drama about a ranger in Jiri Mountain National Park where the truths about a mysterious accident in the forest are revealed. Jun Ji Hyun plays the mainstay ranger Seo Yi Gang while Joo Ji Hoon plays the rookie Kang Hyun Joo.

The behind-the-scenes clip opens by showing the incredible drama set. It took seven months to complete, a total of 250 members of the production team were deployed to make this drama happen.

In the video there is an interesting scene where Jun Ji Hyun and other players such as Go Min Si and Oh Jung Se can’t help but laugh in the atmosphere. The first scene shows how Jun Ji Hyun sits opposite Sung Dong Il and desperately tries not to laugh because of the senior actor’s improvisation.

Followed by the laughter of the other actors, Jun Ji Hyun had to cover her face so as not to spoil the recording. The scene then switches to when the actress sits in front of the computer and the figure of Sung Dong Il comes from behind.

“What are you doing?” asked Sung Dong Il. Not immediately getting a reply other than Jun Ji Hyun’s blank stare, Sung Dong Il asked, “Are you kidding?”

The scene then made the director laugh too. Then they tried to do the scene. Jun Ji Hyun could only jokingly reply, “Can’t you see?”

The actress then burst out laughing. Accustomed to acting as a relaxed character identical to the comedy genre, Sung Dong Il himself held back his laughter and commented, “I hope this drama is bright and cheerful.”

The screen switched to showing the scene where Sung Dong Il requested that the others immediately set off for the mountain. After Oh Jung Se stepped out of the screen, Go Min Si, who was about to follow, dropped his bag.

With the cute interactions of the actors behind the tense drama, the situation on set is like a 180 degree opposite. Meanwhile, “Jirisan” can be watched every Saturday and Sunday at 21.00 local time.

Adegan Ekstrim 'Jirisan' Bikin Ketar-Ketir, Begini Proses Syuting yang Tak Kalah  Mendebarkan

The Extreme Scene ‘Jirisan’ Makes You Nervous, This Is The Filming Process That Is No Less Thrilling

The TvN Drama ‘Jirisan’, Which Has Just Aired Two Episodes, Immediately Became The Main Show That Must Be Watched Because Of The Tense Story Surrounding The Jiri Mountain Guard.

Just aired two episodes of the drama, ” Jirisan ” became the show that was immediately highlighted. Considering that this drama is played by a series of well-known actors and actresses such as Jun Ji Hyun , Joo Ji Hoon , Sung Dong Il , Oh Jung Se and many more, “Jirisan” is a drama that has the potential to be phenomenal and hits.

“Jirisan” is a drama that follows the story of the forest rangers of Mount Jiri who have the task of rescuing the lost climbers. Seo Ye Ji (Jun Ji Hyun) plays the role of a professional forest ranger of Gunung Jiri National Park who is an expert and memorizes the area.

During their journey, Seo Ye Ji and Kang Hyun Jo (Joo Ji Hoon) work together to find lost climbers. However, both are found with a mystery to solve.

Given that this drama takes the theme of a story about the Mount Jiri area, it does not mean that the entire filming process is carried out in a real location. Recently, the production team of “Jirisan” and iQiyi uploaded the behind-the-scenes process of this drama.

The production team wants to show how the drama filming process is full of struggles to solve the mystery on Mount Jiri. One of the tense scenes was at Geumwol Peak, Jecheon where Jun Ji Hyun had to face the heavy rain and climb from the mountains with difficulty. But behind the rain that was made by the production team that looked like heavy rain.

Besides, Joo Ji Hoon is practicing with the action team. He acts in a room that uses the green screen technique and acts with a supportive device to hope that his body actually falls down in the pouring rain. Joo Ji Hoon won’t be able to finish it right away.

Later, Joo Ji Hoon returned to acting when he was well attacked with a knife by his opponent. The location is also different from the shows in dramas that are outside the room.

Joo Ji Hoon also returned to acting in the middle of a property that had been created by the production team where the shooting process was taken indoors. This proves that the green screen technique is an alternative to the process of making this drama.

Meanwhile, “Jirisan” airs every Saturday-Sunday. This drama is directed by renowned director Lee Eung Bok who also worked on the drama ” Descendants of the Sun ” and many more.