Jujutsu Kaisen 215: Maki & Yuji Duet Against Sukuna


Yuji and Sukuna’s fight was approaching the climax when the young man managed to land one punch on the king of the curse. On the other hand, there is some help coming for both Yuji and Sukuna.

What is their battle situation in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 215?

1. Uraume and Kenjaku meet again after the incident in Shibuya
For manga readers, surely you know that the last time Kenjaku and Uraume met was at the end of the Shibuya incident.

Well, both are back again shown in the same place. At that time, Kenjaku told Uraume not to rush because he was in the middle of getting something for the servant Sukuna.

It is still unclear what plans they are carrying out together. We can only wait until the agenda of both of them begins to be shown in the future.

2. Maki appears to help Yuji
Yuji’s situation starts to gain the upper hand when he manages to hit Sukuna whose strength begins to weaken due to the intervention of Megumi’s consciousness .

Sukuna himself realized that his current power output was steadily decreasing and could reach below ten percent if left unchecked. Therefore, he plans to finish off Yuji before it’s too late.

However, Yuji has an unexpected help: Maki Zenin!

Sukuna himself immediately became alert because he knew that the girl was able to avoid Nue’s attacks. Sukuna immediately calculated that Maki would not be easily subdued.

And sure enough, Maki immediately approached Sukuna at full speed. He seemed capable of dealing with some of the man’s melee attacks.

Maki even hit Sukuna in the face and then managed to make him bounce until he hit the guardrail.

At that moment, Yuji grabbed the fence and used it as a clamp for Sukuna. Maki herself then followed up her attack with one powerful kick. Unfortunately, Sukuna himself didn’t really feel the effects of all these attacks.

This made Maki and Yuji agree to catch him even if Megumi was killed.

3. Yuji and Maki’s combo managed to give Sukuna a fierce resistance
After renewing their will to fight, Yuji and Maki resumed their combo and succeeded in delivering a series of attacks to Sukuna in a harmonious rhythm.

The two exchanged punches and kicks. Meanwhile, Sukuna was still able to withstand all the attacks with ease.

Despite this, the king of the curse thought that the impact of the attack would allow Megumi’s resistance to lower her cursed energy level even further.

4. Sukuna releases a variation of her Cleave curse technique, Spider Web
Seeing that there was no other way, Sukuna also used a variation of his Cleave technique: Spider Web!

But this time, Sukuna didn’t use it on his enemy directly but onto the floor where they were fighting. And sure enough, the entire floor split open and collapsed.

At that moment, Sukuna managed to beat Maki. However, the woman did not experience any problems and only spit blood.

This suddenly made Sukuna start to respect the woman’s strength. This moment felt in stark contrast to his treatment of Yuji , who now looked even more pitiful in the eyes of the king of the curse.

5. It was revealed that Sukuna was planning to perfect his body when Uraume picked him up
In the midst of the excitement of the battle, suddenly a figure appears to intervene: Uraume.

He immediately released his curse technique, Maximum Output: Frost Calm which made the streets freeze so that Yuji and Maki were trapped inside. Sukuna was amazed to see the giant ice that was created in front of his eyes.

It was at that moment, Sukuna also revealed his plan when giving orders to Uraume. He plans to perfect his body with the “bath” that Uraume has prepared.

Yuji himself then managed to get out of the ice that had locked him up. He was angry when Sukuna and his servant left the place of their battle.

Uraume intends to finish off Yuji, but Sukuna asks him to hold back because he wants to see the look of his former container, which is now so sad.

Sukuna even went so far as to compare Yuji’s face with the samurai mascot in the city of Harima which is famous for his gaping mouth and laughing at him with Uraume.