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I would like to introduce this blog, if you have read Volume 0 of Jujutsu Kaysen AND read some of the Jujutsu Kaysen manga series, the content of the film is the same as the manga, so it won’t hurt you much. However, for those who have only watched the anime TV series, there may or may not be a spoiler for you. Listen to the warning.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie [Review] | POSSIBLE MAIN SPOILERS | Otaku Rambles

I also don’t post links to movie leaks. This is against my morality and is literally against the law. Piracy is a crime.

I’ve tried to reduce spoilers, but there are some things I can’t say without breaking.

百 鬼 夜行 の 幕 開 け | “The beginning of the night procession of a hundred demons”
Since the film was released in the last episode of the anime series in March 2021, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (JJK 0) has definitely been the most anticipated anime film of 2021.

I did not expect to see the film with such enthusiasm. Of course, after watching the anime TV series, I immediately bought Volume 0, which is the basis of the film “Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical College”.

The size definitely turned the page and I didn’t know I was holding my breath as I read it until I finished. The first thing I thought after reading it was that if they really melted the manga, the movie would be a super bomb. (As you know, many anime filmmakers have left the plot, much to the chagrin of fans.)

It was March, and I regretted reading the volume so early. For 9 months I was shaking a lot and couldn’t stand watching the movie. As December 24 approached, the heat of the film skyrocketed, and all the anime about Twitter about Jujutsu Kaisen 0 became an anime. The collaboration is going left and right, and even JJK’s adult parody film was under work (I know, super random LOL). I would also like to say that the JJK promoters did a great job promoting JJK 0.

The plot
I was left wondering whether they should describe the plot they were selling or the plot I was thinking of.

It’s not about Utah and Rica. No, it is not.

If you read the manga, it’s about Utah and his childhood friend Rika, who promised to get married at a young age and was cursed when she died in an accident. But if you dig deeper and look harder, there is the story of Gojo Satoru and Ghetto Suguru. SatoSugu fans have a common understanding that the relationship between the two cannot be described as “special”. Their relationship goes beyond their spirit.

Ghetto Suguru, also a special kind of magician, is Gojo Satoru’s best friend and classmate when he was at JujuTech. Ghetto Suguru is a very fair man and he adheres to what he thinks is right. This quality and his current position as a man who curses to protect people really set him apart. He fainted that he killed an entire village to save two cursed twin girls from the villagers who had locked the girls in a cell because they were afraid of their abilities.

In this regard, the ghetto was expelled from JujuTech, high-ranking members of the Jujutsu community identified him as a criminal and should be sentenced to death after his discovery. Gojo was appointed to punish the ghetto, but he could not kill him. Maybe the ghetto has a reason, so he couldn’t kill it. He could have easily killed her, but he couldn’t. We SatoSugu fans call this scene “KFC’s divorce” because in the manga they created this scene in the background with KFC.

Returning to the real story, Rica becomes a particularly vindictive curse spirit and harms everyone who harms Utah. Rika is so powerful that her curse technique seeks to capture and consume the Ghetto Rica, who collects and consumes cursed spirits, so she stops collecting cursed spirits here and there. To do this, he fought JujuTech, which, along with a group of cursed users, held a night parade of the Hundred Demons, freeing many cursed spirits from Shinjuku and Kyoto at the same time.

The night parade of the Hundred Demons will take place in Shinjuku and Kyoto, but the Ghetto will come to Juju Tech, where Yuta is located, because he did not live in these two cities. The ghetto fights Utah to the death, so he can eventually claim Rika, but ends up kicking his bucket. After their battle, Gojo came to the scene to see the wounded Ghetto. He finally managed to fulfill his mission by killing his only friend.