Jose Mourinho’s early season report card at AS Roma, Big Bitch or Wake the Wolf?


Jose Mourinho’s early season report card at AS Roma . This season, Roma is one of the Serie A teams that is getting more attention, Mourinho’s big name is the reason.

Roma has long been known as one of the dark horse teams in Italy. They don’t really compete at the top, but they shouldn’t be underestimated either.

The Roma squad is quite capable, there are several players who can be a differentiator in the competition at the top. Well, the arrival of Mourinho completes that potential to be more complete.

As usual, not Mourinho if it doesn’t create controversy. Since the beginning he has confirmed the ambition to bring Roma champions. The question is, is Mourinho just a big bastard or can he really wake the wolf?

AS Roma’s shocking results
Roma started the season with three straight wins in Serie A. They immediately competed in the top flight and looked promising.

Mourinho’s troops have provided interesting entertainment in the first week. Roma beat Fiorentina with a score of 3-1, colored with two red cards.

Furthermore, Roma looked more convincing when they beat Salernitana with a score of 4-0 in the second week and beat Sassuolo with a score of 2-1 in the third week.

Even so, Roma won a surprise defeat in the 6th week. They lost 2-3 to Lazio, even though they were favorites to win.

Results and overall score
So far Serie A aka the Italian League has reached its seventh week with many interesting surprises. Napoli leads the standings with a perfect run of 7 wins, Roma trails in 4th place with 5 wins.

Roma’s pace this season is quite convincing. Won 3 times in a row at the start of the season, lost, got up and won, lost again, and got back up straight away. Here are Roma’s complete results in the first 7 weeks of Serie A 2021/22:

23/8 | Rome 3-1 Fiorentina
30/8 | Salernitana 0-4 Rome
13/9 | Rome 2-1 Sassuolo
19/9 | Verona 3-2 Rome
24/9 | Rome 1-0 Udinese
26/9 | Lazio 3-2 Rome
3/10 | Rome 2-0 Empoli

The star of Rome so far
There are two Roma players who have caught the eye so far: Tammy Abraham and Jordan Veretout. Both compete in terms of goals and assists.

Tammy is Roma’s new signing this summer. He had no space at Chelsea and chose to continue his career in Italy. Even so, Abraham’s quality cannot be underestimated with 2 goals and 3 assists.

Roma also still has Veretout, a fairly productive midfielder with 4 goals and 2 assists. These two players will certainly be the focus of Mourinho’s troops.

Mourinho’s comments and controversy
Not Mourinho if he doesn’t steal attention through his scathing comments. This season Mourinho seems more cautious, but of course there are still some controversial comments.

Most recently, Mourinho made promises of trophies, saying: “I will give the title to Roma, because a club lives by titles and they are driven by the passion of their fans.”

Winner of three competitions: “I want to win the Conference League, but our target is not the only trophy, but to win all three competitions at once.”

Win 1000th: “This is a special number match for me. Until the last day of my life, I will always remember this is the 1000th match.”

not an instant project: “This is a project where the owners want to leave a legacy, they want to do something very important for the club in a sustainable way.”