Jose Mourinho has no advice for Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag


Jose Mourinho was asked about the appointment of Erik ten Hag as the new Manchester United ( MU ) coach. The AS Roma coach admitted that he did not have any suggestions for his professional colleagues.

No wonder Jose Mourinho gets questions about Ten Hag and Manchester United . The man who has the nickname ‘the special one’ has been in charge of the Red Devils for two and a half seasons.

In the midst of adversity since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, Mourinho contributed the achievement that MU can be most proud of at this time. Namely the Europa League champions in 2016.

In addition, Mourinho also presented the Carabao Cup and Community Shield in the same season that the Red Devils won the Europa League. Unfortunately, Mourinho’s journey there led to his dismissal.

After leaving Manchester United, Mourinho was on hiatus for several months before being appointed as Tottenham coach. His time at Tottenham is over and now Mourinho is building Roma.

Even though Mourinho has not been in contact with his former club for a long time, he still receives questions about Manchester United. He only gave a cold response when asked for advice for Ten Hag.

Not my club,” Mourinho replied, as quoted by .

Of course, Mourinho’s current focus is not on Old Trafford. He must give the best direction to his team to face Leicester City in the first leg of the Conference League semifinals.

Never Lifted a Trophy Again – Jose Mourinho has not lifted a trophy again since successfully leading Manchester United to the Europa League title. He had the chance to win the Carabao Cup in charge of Tottenham, but was sacked days before the final.

“I have to admit that in my long career, with so many things happening, that one was quite unique,” said Mourinho, still in the same press conference session.

“Mr [Tottenham chief Daniel] Levy is also quite a unique person. For all the work we have done this season, trying to develop the club on every level, I think we deserve to be in the final.”

“Unfortunately, football doesn’t give you what it deserves and to get there we have to beat a very good team, with a good coach and good players.”

“We have to be at the highest level in two games to achieve the dream of taking Roma to the final.”