Jonathan Rea Not Happy Having to Wear #65 Again at WorldSBK 2022


Kawasaki Racing Team racer , Jonathan Rea , is not happy to have to return to wearing race number 65 in WorldSBK 2022. He must be willing to let go of race number 1 after losing in the race for the 2021 world title with Pata Yamaha WorldSBK rider, Toprak Razgatlioglu. This was conveyed by Rea via, Monday (22/11/2021).

As is known, Rea won six consecutive titles since 2015. Razgatlioglu also broke his dominance by locking the 2021 title after finishing second in Race 1 WorldSBK Mandalika, Sunday (11/21/2021), where Rea won. Razgatlioglu is now the first Yamaha champion since Ben Spies in 2009.

The rivalry between Razgatlioglu and Rea has been fierce since the start of the season, as evidenced by the fact that they are only 13 points apart in the standings. Not only that, the number of podiums and their wins are quite close. Razgatlioglu has 29 podiums and 13 wins, while Rea has 30 podiums and 13 wins.

Promise to Come Back Stronger in 2022
“We won so many races, but struggled in many races too, and I often make mistakes. The biggest difference now is that now my reference is different. In the past, my only reference was myself, and gradually we have to try to improve ourselves. , said Rea.

On the other hand, Rea acknowledged the strengths of Razgatlioglu and Yamaha. According to him, they are now Kawasaki’s main benchmark in improving the performance of the Ninja ZX10-RR. The 34-year-old rider believes that this defeat is also ‘fresh air’ for him and Kawasaki to find new motivation to win WorldSBK 2022.

This provides a new benchmark for us to improve the bike package. I also have to improve myself as a rider, and that’s the only focus on the holidays: keep improving myself and come back in 2022 much stronger,” he said.

Recognition for Toprak Razgatlioglu
In Mandalika, Rea also won Race 2, where Razgatlioglu finished fourth. In his celebration, the Northern Irish rider changed the race number 1 to 65 on the front of his motorbike. Although disappointed, Rea stated that he did the celebration as an acknowledgment of the triumph of Razgatlioglu, who is also his best friend.

“I’m not happy to have to wear #65 again because it means I lose the world title. However, it also gives me a good sensation from the moment I joined Kawasaki. That moment changed my life,” said Rea, who no longer wears #65 since 2015.

Hopefully this number is temporary because wearing #1 feels special. My focus is on trying to win that number again, but next year #65 will be my number ,” concluded the father of two children.

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Jonathan Rea: Kudos to Toprak, I will win the title at WorldSBK 2022

Kawasaki Racing Team racer , Jonathan Rea , expressed his salute to Toprak Razgatlioglu who successfully locked the 2021 WorldSBK title at the Mandalika Circuit , Indonesia, on Sunday (11/21/2021). However, via, Rea admitted that this moment made him even more ‘hungry’ to win his seventh title in 2022.

Razgatlioglu successfully locked the title after finishing second in the Race 1 session, where Rea won. Rea also won Race 2, where Razgatlioglu finished fourth. Despite failing to defend their world title this year, The Cannibal admits that they are very happy to end the 2021 season by sweeping two wins at Mandalika.

“I’m very happy because I did my best here. I’m happy to win two races in Mandalika in two different conditions. Dry and hot in the morning and really wet in the afternoon. It’s very good for me to end the season this way. I’m happy can go home after a good weekend at a new track.”

Kudos to the Progress of Toprak Razgatlioglu
The 34-year-old racer gives a thumbs up for Razgatlioglu, who is also his best friend. He did not hesitate to admit that he was not happy to lose the title race, but respected the hard work of El Turco and Yamaha in seeking progress. Rea insists that these two victories are proof that she has not run out.

Okay, I’m not happy for him, but I have a lot of respect for the work he and his team have done. He is really progressing, the level is very high. But My own performance also continues to improve,” said Rea.

The father of two also stated that the success of Razgatlioglu and Yamaha made him work even harder in providing many references and input to Kawasaki to improve performance in 2022. The reason is that Rea has not been comfortable riding his Ninja ZX-10RR motorcycle since the middle of the season.

Back to Use Number 65
“This weekend we have done everything. For many reasons, I don’t feel lost here. I have felt lost since the middle of the season, where we made a lot of mistakes and had a lot of problems. But I have no regrets, I can go home happy , said Rea.

Rea celebrated his victory in Race 2 by changing race number 1 to his own number, 65, as a tribute to Razgatlioglu. He stated that his failure to win the 2021 title greatly fueled his motivation to take a holiday. He promised to work even harder to win number 1 again.