Jojo Rabbit (2019) Movie Review: Funny Eye-Opening Holocaust Satirities


The film Jojo Rabbit is the latest work of director Taika Waititi which won him various awards including the 2020 Oscars for the best adaptation script category. Like Taika Waititi’s films, you can expect to see this quirky and quirky comedy typical of the New Zealand director.

Different from Thor: Ragnarok or Hunt for Wilderpeople , Jojo Rabbit Taika is more able to put his comedy timings well considering that this film raises sensitive issues about the Nazis and the Holocaust.

Sinopsis film Jojo Rabbit
Tells the story of Jojo Bletzer, a 10-year-old Nazi fanatic. So fanatical, he created Adolf (Taika Waititi), his imaginary friend who is the embodiment of his imagination about the figure of Hitler. Since childhood, Jojo has been obsessed with being Hitler’s friend and aide. However, when Jojo meets Elsa, a Jewish girl slowly opens her eyes.

More precise comedy timing
Taika’s films always churn from start to finish. Call it Thor: Ragnarok which always inserts jokes in every scene. Not a few viewers thought Taika’s film was too low-key, making scenes that were supposed to be dramatic turned out to be funny.

Jojo Rabbit is a little different. Although still dominated by small, stomach-churning jokes, this film can show its dramatic scenes seriously without any jokes inserted in it.

As a result, Roman Griffin Davis who plays Jojo and Scarlett Johansson who plays Rosie, Jojo’s mother, can maximize their acting in dramatic scenes and get various award nominations.

Yes, even though this is a humorous satirical Holocaust film, the stars still look stunning. They are funny in the comedy scene but still serious in the dramatic scene.

Not only Scarlet and Roman who look good. Sam Rockwell and Thomasin Mckenzie who played Captain K the Nazi and Elsa the Jewish girl also acted very well. Not once, they can tell a story just with their expressions or the look in their eyes.

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Even so, there are also some characters whose presence is indeed more for comedy purposes, such as Finkel played by Alfie Allen ( John Wick , Game of Thrones ), Fraulein Rahm played by Rebel Wilson ( Cats ), and Yorki played by Archi Yates who were successful. be a scene stealer in every presence.

Cute but contains
Indeed, Jojo Rabbit is a satirical comedy film. But make no mistake. Every joke or funny scene that is present is not only useful for making the audience laugh. Like satire, there is a message tucked into every joke, which is an anti-hate message.

Often the object of jokes is the Nazis. Taika seems to want to show that the Nazi obsession with dominating the world and feeling better than other groups is ridiculous.

In this film, the Nazis spend most of their time greeting Heil Hitler. They force themselves to create sophisticated equipment that is as ridiculous as paper armor.

Children and youth are brainwashed into believing Nazi propaganda and those who believe in that propaganda are shown as fools.

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Jojo Rabbit seemed to want to show that the Nazis made propaganda vilifying groups that were different from them without realizing that they themselves were also ridiculous and not much different from the group they hated.

These jokes about the Nazis are delivered seamlessly in scenes that don’t look like funny sketch pieces like most comedy films. And the great thing is, all the jokes support the theme of this film which is anti-hate.

Jojo Rabbit film movie controversy
Even though it’s fun, the Jojo Rabbit movie is not without its pros and cons. Not a few critics and audiences regretted Taika’s decision to show the funny Nazis in this film. Starting from the Nazi soldiers to the Gestapo which in the Holocaust films always gives the impression of being dangerous and cruel, this film is made strange.

Nazis are portrayed funny, but as I mentioned earlier, when the scene is dramatic, Jojo Rabbit can take the dangers of Nazi ideology seriously. Like the scene of the arrival of the Gestapo (Stephen Merchant) to Jojo’s house, which is a successful roller coaster of emotions, funny and tense.

This rather friendly depiction of the Nazis cannot be separated from the point of view of the main character. Jojo as a 10-year-old Nazi fanatic who idolized Adolf Hitler certainly saw Nazis not as something very dangerous, not until he realized it.

The film Jojo Rabbit is also still able to provide awareness of the importance of knowing about the Holocaust so that dark history does not repeat itself.

Elsa, who is a Jewish girl, is described as very afraid to leave the house and is forced to lock herself in a wall for fear of being hunted by the Nazis and their followers.

Even though it is successful in conveying anti-hate messages, the problem with the film Jojo Rabbit seems to be that there are still people who don’t know about the Second World War or the Nazis, for example, children.

Without parental supervision, after watching this children may think the Nazis are not too scary and say Heil Hitler greetings to everyone they meet.

Jojo Rabbit movie is a very funny, fun, touching and eye-opening entertainment. This film wants to convey that we should not feel better than others and hate those who are different from us because all humans are the same. Jojo Bletzer who was originally a Nazi fanatic slowly learns to love and accept differences from Elsa, the person he hates the most, because Jojo wants to open his eyes and heart.