Join ‘BTS Island: In the SEOM’: what it is, characters, pre-registration and more curiosities

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The members of BTS have developed this project and pre-release registration has already started. What is it about and how can ARMY join?

After successfully completing their participation in the Grammys and the “PTD on stage” concert series in Las Vegas , the members of BTS are immersed in preparing surprises for ARMY as they get ready to celebrate the ninth anniversary of their group debut . One of these novelties is BTS Island: In the SEOM.

What is this Bangtan project about? How can the fandom join and support them? Find out the details here.

About BTS Island: In the SEOM and its characters
BTS Island: In the SEOM is the new adventure of the k-pop septet in the game world after the successful collaboration with Free Fire and consists of an animated game in which the idols have participated as developers.

The setting of this fictional world will be an island and there will be seven characters . These were designed by the Bangtan Boys themselves, bear the names of the idols, represent them in image and personality, and recreate some of their experiences, such as the iconic fight between Jungkook and J-Hope over a banana .

In the new game, this is how each of the characters are described .

When is the release of BTS Island: In the SEOM Join Now?
Although at first it was replicated in the fandom thatthe release of BTS Island: In the SEOMIt would be April 26, there was an error in the broadcast, since the aforementioned date had been separated for the start of the pre-registration and the official promotional calendar .

The exact day of the game’s premiere has not been announced, for the moment, but the tentative date would be June 28, 2022.

Pre-registration of the new BTS game
As mentioned above, pre- registration started on April 26. In order to register, ARMY must go to the game page , which will be available for Android and iOS devices. In this way they will be notified when the project is launched and they will receive a special gift.

BTS Island Calendar: In the SEOM
The schedule of the new Bangtan game started with the premiere of the first chapter of “BTS become developers”. In this program, the idols show the public the creative process of the game and reveal more details, such as the arrival of an OST produced by Suga.

Here what other activities includes this promotional stage.

BTS Island Teaser: In the SEOM