JOI Staff’s 10 Best Short Bob Girls


The phenomenon of Short Bob haired girls seems to have had a big impact on the world of pop culture. Often a new series can be quite successful thanks to the presence of characters with this hairstyle.

Besides being cute, this hairstyle often depicts elegance, fun, and is often described as a carrier of atmosphere.

From a girl’s perspective, this hairstyle tends to be liked because it is relatively cool, cool, and easy to care for.Yes, how, Indonesia has a hot climate.

Enough small talk, who are the 10 best short bob-haired girls version of JOI? Let’s look at the following chart!

*ps: Considering that all the girls on this list have their wayfwed written already , so we’ll include all the links, okay? Not bad for nostalgia.

10. Ai-chan (Getsuyoubi no Tawawa)
We start this series from the “biggest” first. Even though the series is relatively short and insignificant, Ai-chan is able to make a big enough impact for anime lovers.

The impact may be greater than the “size” which incidentally is the name itself when read in English (Ai = I).

Of course, it’s not only limited to size, Ai-chan has the right to enter this ranks because she is a cute girl figure that you can’t meet on a one in a million chance. It’s rare for high school girls to provide comfort for those of you who are stressed on the way to work every day?

9. Uraraka Ochako (Boku no Hero Academia)
academy.When did you rise from being just a friend?

This outgoing girl is indeed able to be an encouragement and a cheerful mood maker even in the driest conditions.

Oh yeah, he’s also the easiest to read. Just try to make him blush, at the very least he will fly ( literally) .

8. Hoshino Miyako (Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita)
Unarguably the most pedo girl in this nomination. But Mya-nee is commendable for her multi-talent. Being able to design clothes and being good at making cakes is a plus, plus he can take care of a fussy little brother who asks for forgiveness.

It’s just his hikikomori habits that make him look like a NEET . Even though Mya-nee is an active student in the Department of Fashion Design.

7. Honjou “Maple” Kaede (Bofuri)
This airhead girl is actually not a gamer who understands RPG games. But once playing an MMORPG game , it becomes a reward because of the unique way to fill in the stats and it makes you shake your head.

Feeling a lot of pain in the game when he was injured , he immediately maximized his defense status until it stuck without caring about other statuses. As a result, be the most defensive girl in the entire New World Online .

6. Mashu Kyrielight (Fate)
Speaking of defensive, you can also rely on Mashu to defend yourself from harm if Maple blunders.

Senpai…? That must be the first word that comes to mind when I hear Mashu’s name. This shielder faithfully accompanies you in the game of Fate, because he is actually a starter.

Plus Mashu is a girl who really cares about her friends and colleagues, it seems that this one girl has never been and will not be polluted from the dirtiness of the world.

5. Yuigahama Yui (Oregairu)
Well, starting from this ranking we begin to enter the girls in the “Best girl never won” category . Even though you didn’t win the idol of his heart, you still won the hearts of your audience.

This outgoing and caring girl deserves to be included in this nomination because only her presence can make the atmosphere better. Because he is outgoing , he sometimes doesn’t take care of himself a bit so that you can misunderstand.

4. Misaka Mikoto (To Aru)
Queen of Short hair tsundere.

No understatement of the above statement. Because it’s true that Misaka is one of the legendary tsunderes who have been around since 2008 in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series .

This tsundere esper is one of the favorite characters in the series. Until finally he got his own series in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun .

Do you know what the plot twist is? The Railgun series is actually more in demand than Index . Indeed, the power of this one tsundere can not be underestimated.

3. Rem (Re:Zero)
ou could say one of the worst short hair . I’ve sacrificed a lot, but still can’t get the man she loves.

Arguably best girl of the series , Rem also managed to beat the other characters in the series in various polls. Even to the point of getting his own life-size figure!

Rem’s sacrifice itself is no joke, even so many I can’t possibly explain here one by one.

2. Shiodome Miuna (Nagi no Asu Kara)
Speaking of sacrifices, surprisingly , there are those who sacrifice more than Rem. Yes, this one girl.

Just imagine, since he was a child, he has sacrificed a lot. One of them is because his mother died when he was very young. Plus, she loves the boy who eventually becomes her uncle. And he is not loved back.

Btw, Miuna is the best girl of NagiAsu. No debat

1. Nanasaki Ai (Amagami SS)
Arguably best girl of Amagami SS because many of you think soalthough I don’t agree.

This kuudere girl has succeeded in winning the hearts of all of you with her mature attitude even though she is younger than you.

Beauty in Calmness . Indeed, Nanasaki Ai’s beauty radiates from her calm aura, which is able to calm anyone lucky enough to be by her side.