[JOI Spotlight] The Dad Edition


Right on June 20th, JOI Spotlight decided to use Adam because he met the criteria for Father’s Day and is a modern anime . As usual, let’s take a look at the staff’s impressions for the series this week.

Sentouin 11

It’s strange that this destroys people’s eggs and doesn’t get points. As an antagonist, Toku is also very stupid to allow access to mecha that can only be accessed by certain races.


This is Heine’s voice actor who really goes all-out every time Sentouin and friends appear. Well, it’s no wonder Asami Seto can be this good haha. Snow returns to being Snow when it comes to money, and Rose is also hungry, hungry, and hungry. Grimm yo gur turu, la opo meneh?

Megalo Box Nomad 11

My main problem is the fact that Joe has won and he doesn’t need to fight Mac. At least the final structure of the match has been discovered, seeing as an agreement has been made for Sachio to throw the butts so that the Liu case doesn’t happen again. So it’s not a matter of Joe winning or not, but whether Joe will come back alive to see that this Mac has lost cause.

I don’t really mind Gearless Joe wearing Gear, after all, the main message of this season is “Don’t be ashamed to survive”.

Odd Taxi 11

The source of the Yuki Mitsuya murder case is the fact that the murder case and the disappearance of a corpse are different cases. It’s clear that the agency will find it difficult to say “we’re just hiding the corpse, we don’t kill it” and this is a good alibi for the killer whom I predict was hired by a fake Yuki, seeing that the timing is very favorable to him.

Odokawa’s condition is said to have been caused by his parents being dragged along by the suicide of his parents, just seeing that there are people who donate donations as money to keep their mouths shut seems to have made him somehow close to a certain Yakuza faction.

Higehiro 11

Oh, it’s delicious. Leave from work has a purpose, at least to take people where to go. But anyway , it was quite difficult for Sayu to return to that location. But of course this method is more powerful to mature, even though it requires tears. This episode of mental preparation finally ends with a good, yup, slap from his mother. The best thing about Sayu’s mother is only her voice actor, Ryouka Yuzuki.

Zombieland Saga Revenge 11

Real-world March concerts canceled due to the pandemic, yet another Revenge aspect of the season. The journalist’s problem has also been resolved and as I said, it doesn’t matter, Saga knows that these idols are zombies.

There will be a 27 minute episode next week. Just curious if we will get full backgrounds of Sakura and Kotaro or we still have to wait for season 3.

SSSS.Dynazenon 12 [End]

Let’s review see that this series is really a hobby of leaving important information in other media. The Kaiju Eugenicist team was killed 5,000 years ago after the Kaiju were deemed too dangerous in an already peaceful era. Gauma’s death in this conflict caused the princess to commit suicide after burying Dynazenon with him, and Takeshi Todo from the original series brought him to life because he thought he would become a monster with a big grudge.

The mummy was calmed in episode 18 of the original Gridman (you can hear the audio in episode 10) and fell asleep again, but had to wake up again after the four exes were present in the modern era who also don’t need Kaiju after their graves were looted in the first episode. Now the team is clearly being driven by Shizumu who made it clear in the final episode that her past trauma made her obsessed with freedom, which she considers to be free from all “ties”.

Dynazenon chose to maintain “total freedom is impossible”, or at least freedom from bondage. Koyomi as Hikki is free from society but as a result she is imprisoned in her room, Yume has regrets about her sister’s death, Yomogi wants to run away from her new father, Chise is an outcast like Hori ( Horimiya) without a good role model, Mujina thinks she has no choice but to join the group In this case, Juuga has an unhealthy obsession with Gauma, Onijya only has a grudge, Shijumu rejects all ties and becomes the main antagonist.

You can see for yourself how each character faces their bond and their destiny. I mean seriously , one of the character’s gimmicks is a cute toy. The Eugenicist team that doesn’t have a bond and refuses to make a bond will end up with nothing.

I have to make the 4 paragraphs above clearly show that Dynazenon is not as neat as Gridman , who is very disciplined with the story “please take care of yourself” Akane. Si Chise also lacks screentime as a person who can also make Kaiju. At least the quality of character interaction and action is still maintained and this makes Dynazenon still one of the good outputs of Trigger.

If you follow the trend of the emergence of Anti & 2nd, at least Dynadragon will return in the sequel.