The JOI Music rubric is back for you and starting this edition, it will be published on Saturday. So, after a long sleep, which musician will start this rubric again? A band, which is quite iconic and has also been in the Japanese music scene for a long time. Here we go, MAN WITH A MISSION . Yes, in 2014 we wrote about this group , but it never hurts to give a more thorough review.

Man Before The Mission
MAN WITH A MISSION is a unique band formed in 2010 in Shibuya, Japan. The band which was formed with 5 Personnel brought hard rock / pop rock music in it. In addition, what is unique in this band is the “wolf-headed” personnel. It makes its own icon for this band and makes the fans curious, who is the figure or what is the face of the MAN WITH A MISSION personnel. In addition, the name of the band’s personnel uses stage names, which makes the members of MWAM even more mysterious. They consist of Spear Rib for drums, DJ Santa Monica on the DJ section, Kamikaze Boy on bass and backing vocals, Jean-Ken Johnnyas a guitarist, vocalist, and rapper, then finally as a leader and vocalist, namely Tokyo Tanaka .

The Frozen Wolves
Actually there is a story behind their unique appearance. Told in 19XX Earth was hit by war due to the struggle for political power for a glory. In the farthest place on Earth, a biologist named Professor Jimi Hendrix found something. It develops a best form of life. With their intelligence and physical strength, they are quietly fighting the world’s political forces. But the professor realized the crime he had committed and then imprisoned his creatures in a glacier in Antarctica. The creatures froze but they were able to listen to music all over the world with extraordinary hearing abilities. Over time the glaciers melted and the creatures rose again.

That’s more or less the background story of MWAM. At first, I thought this was a synopsis of a sci-fi-adventure anime but I was wrong.

Feed Themes! The Wolves are Hungry!
MAN WITH A MISSION debuted immediately when it was formed in 2010. They started by doing several appearances in small places in Shibuya. Still in 2010 or at the end of 2010, MWAM immediately held a tour to America which they called “Whiskey a Go Go”. These wolves wandered from several entertainment venues in the city of Los Angeles. Returning from the tour they immediately released a mini album entitled “Welcome to the New World”. It is predictable that their album will immediately soar on the charts, resulting in the mini album being sold out in several places.

The band’s career and achievements continued to improve in a short time. A year later, domestic and foreign tours, singles, and albums they continued to produce and managed to attract and captivate their fans. Not only that, they even performed at several prestigious concerts in Japan. Call it Summer Sonic 2011, Countdown Japan 2011/2012 and they were even labeled as the most promising newcomers by Eggman magazine because their concert tickets ran out in just 10 minutes.

Until now, they have held quite a number of concerts and tours. They have visited many places around the world. Call it America, England, Germany, Belgium, Canada, or Thailand which was once the place for these wolves to act.

Then MWAM started his career as an anisong band or artist in an anime film called Kyūkyoku!! Hentai Kamen with the song “ Emotion ” in 2013. That same year, MWAM filled the opening of the Log Horizon anime with the song “ Database ” and I think that’s where their name is getting famous. The last one is MWAM’s single entitled “ Dark Crow ” which fills the second opening of the Vinland Saga anime .

Favorite Songs
Almost all of MWAM’s songs make me addicted and don’t get tired of listening to it over and over again. In total, the band has 21 singles , 5 studio albums, and 3 compilation albums. Here are my favorite songs from MWAM which could be your favorite songs too.

5. Out of Control
In collaboration with Zebrahead, an American band, this song managed to become one of the hits at the beginning of its release.

4. Raise Your Flag
Being the opening of the Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans series , this song is my favorite even though I myself have never watched the Gundam series.

3. Databases
Collaborating again, this time with Takuma who is a member of the 10-feet band. The song that boosted MWAM’s popularity and maybe some of you know MWAM from this song.

2. Remember Me
One of the newest songs, which fills the ending of the live action Radiation House .

1. Dead End in Tokyo
Some of the songs above are my favorite songs, maybe some of you are beta where the song ” Winding Road ” or ” Seven Deadly Sins “. I myself am confused about entering it because as I wrote above almost all MWAM songs are cool. So, for those of you who have your own list, you can write in the comments column.