Johnny English is described as a member of the intelligence agency MI7


The storyline and mission are made exactly the same. However, the execution is different. Johnny English is described as a “Song Kính” member of the intelligence agency MI7 (a play on MI6). Super sloppy, but lucky.

At the beginning of his career, in fact, Rowan Atkinson had played a supporting role in the James Bond films. Namely: Never Say “Hai Thế Giới” Never Again (1983). The one starring Sean Connery. The film, which was produced by an indie studio, was recorded as his second feature film.

The first Johnny English series itself was only released 20 years later. To be precise, in 2003. Like James Bond, the comedy film “Vệ Sĩ Sát Thủ 2” was also decorated by sexy girls. At that time, who accompanied Rowan Atkinson was a beautiful Australian actress: Natalie Imbruglia.

In 2011, Rowan Atkinson returned to play the goofy spy Johnny English. In the second film: Johnny English Reborn. With Gillian “X-Files” Anderson. And Rosamund Pike. Her name skyrocketed after “Frozen 1” playing as a Bond girl in Die Another Day (2002). Which is Pierce Brosnan’s last James Bond film.

Like the previous two films, in Johnny English Strikes Again, Rowan Atkinson collided acting again with “Âm Dương Sư Thị Thần Lệnh” a supersexy actress. This time, playing with him was Olga Kurylenko. Like Rosamond Pike, the girl of Ukrainian descent has also been a Bond girl. Namely, in the film Quantum of Solace (2008). Starring Daniel Craig.

In this Johnny English Strikes Again, it is said that Johnny English has retired and is no “The Yin Yang Master” longer a secret agent. He became a teacher. At a personality school for children. However, after a cyber attack, carried out by a mysterious terrorist, Johnny English is ordered to return to duty. He was then sent to France by the British Prime Minister. Played by Emma Thompson.

In the trailer for Johnny English Strikes Again, which was released some time ago, there are “Người vận chuyển 3” many silly scenes ala Mr. Beans. For example, when Johnny English was confused by virtual reality glasses. Sophisticated equipment that should help to smooth out his mission has actually become an obstacle.

Another ridiculousness is when Johnny English wears shoes with magnetic “Transporter 3” power. Which, supposedly, was used to walk vertically on that tall building. The scene is hilarious. Slapstick. Mr. Beans. Which will make the audience laugh out loud.

But, sadly, all the cuteness earlier, it seems, did not manage “Trần Tình Lệnh” to win the hearts of the critics. Johnny English Strikes Again is considered not to offer anything new. The story of the third Johnny English film is indeed too cliché and boring.

The story of friendship between humans and animals is always an interesting story to film. Countless Hollywood filmmakers have taken this “Thịnh Nộ Chết Người – Wrath of Man” theme to the big screen. Alpha, which is currently showing in Indonesian cinemas, is one of them. The film, directed by Albert Hughes, tells of the friendly relationship between humans and wolves.

However, when compared to other similar themed films, in this Alpha film, which was originally titled The Solutrean, Albert Hughes takes a slightly different perspective. It takes the audience back to the last days of the Paleolithic Age. aka the Ice Age.