Johnny Depp and his lawyers say that Amber Heard worked as an escort before starting her Hollywood career


Thanks to the leak of several of the tests denied because the Fairfax, Virginia court , around the legal trial between the two actors, new secrets have been discovered that do not leave the American stars very well.

The legal battle between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard could have been even more scandalous if their respective legal teams had been able to use all the strategies and evidence they had planned.

In pre-trial documents, the Aquaman actress’s legal team asked the judge in the case to exclude a number of “irrelevant personal matters” from the trial. That definitely does not leave the actress very well.

According to Heard’s legal defense, Depp’s legal team wanted to expose some past photographs of his client in which she would be totally naked, as well as some alleged files that would reveal other dark works of the actress.

Depp’s intentions with these images, according to Amber’s lawyers, was to show that the actress worked as an exotic dancer before starting her career in Hollywood, also suggesting that she had practiced VIP prostitution at that time.

These revelations have quickly caused a stir on social networks, which see the accusations against Heard as a new way of criticizing the actress.