Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga have confirmed that they will star in ‘Joker 2’ and reveal the premiere date


The iconic American artist has confirmed the rumors of her participation in the second installment of Joker, exciting all her followers.

The director of ‘Joker’ Todd Phillips, through his official Instagram account, confirmed that the singer, songwriter and actress Lady Gaga will appear in the sequel to ‘Joker’, starring Joaquin Phoenix. 

The news comes after weeks of speculation that Lady Gaga would join the DC Universe with the interpretation of the next Harley Quinn in the Joker sequel, it was the director Todd Phillips himself who has confirmed the rumors....

In the 17-second teaser set to music with Cheek to Cheek, we see a red screen on which Phoenix appears, followed by the character’s silhouette in one of the emblematic moments of the first installment. Then the word Gaga appears and the black silhouette of a woman wearing a long dress and with a high hairstyle.

The film will be released in October 2024, as seen in the teaser released by Philips and Lady Gaga.

Last June, the title of the second installment of the saga was announced, which will be Joker: Folie à deux, and Phoenix reading the script dated May 18, 2022. Phoenix won the prestigious Oscar for best actor in 2019 thanks to his performance as the Joker in the first and acclaimed installment of this new saga of the “Prince of Crime”