Jisoo and female idols have faces that look older than their years


The Kpop entertainment industry is famous for many “golden faces in the village with age reduction” because they always keep the same youthful beauty as when they started their career even though they have been active in the arts for many years. However, there are also many idols who look older than their actual age. Here are 5 female idols who look more mature than their age in the Kpop entertainment industry.

There will be many people who agree when it comes to Jisoo on this list. Her beautiful beauty is something the audience cannot deny. Jisoo has a sweet face and delicate lines, so she is chosen by many big brands as an ambassador.

On beauty forums, Jisoo receives a lot of praise such as: Miss Korea, the most beautiful beauty in the idol world… but honestly, Jisoo looks pretty “bad” without photo editing software or steps. carefully “slapped” makeup. As long as the light is not good when shooting, she will reveal traces of age.

The climax must be mentioned the eldest sister BLACKPINK in the teaser of Snowdrop . Her facial expression is a bit too mature, completely different from the image of a female idol on stage or in real life.

Irene (Red Velvet)

Sharing the same fate as BLACKPINK’s eldest sister, Red Velvet’s eldest sister is also famous for her beautiful beauty, but she looks older than her age. Irene is praised by many for her “original visual” beauty, but there are still a few people who do not feel her beauty. Especially when it’s not through photo editing software, it’s really not that good.

Irene was born in 1991 and debuted at the age of 24 – the age that is said to be not young to debut. Currently, she is 31 years old, at this age she is quite old for an idol.


Hwasa is the next name mentioned in this list. When they first learned about the group MAMAMOO, many viewers thought that Hwasa was the oldest sister of the group until they accidentally watched an entertainment program that introduced the members and fell because Hwasa was the youngest member of the group.

The reason for confusing the audience is that her European-American makeup style and body also help her exude charm and maturity. Hwasa was born in 1995 and is the same age as Nayeon (TWICE), Kei (Lovelyz). But because of pursuing a mature style, she looks much older than other idols of the same age. However, fans love her beauty.

Hayoung (Apink)

Hayoung is the next face in the group of girls who look older than their years. If the oldest sister Chorong is often praised as “younger than her age”, the youngest Hayoung is in the same situation as Hwasa when she looks more mature than her real age.

Hayoung was born in 1996 and debuted only when she was 15. Remembering when she first debuted, Hayoung was a cute, cute girl with “pumpkin” dresses of the right age.

But due to her long-term activities in the entertainment industry, she changed her style and became more mature and attractive. Since pursuing the girl crush style, Hayoung looks much older. She looks like she’s in her 30s now.

Jeon Somi

Being the youngest among the idols mentioned above, but Somi is the one who looks more mature than the other 4 seniors. When she was a trainee of JYP company and when she was active with IOI, Jeon Somi was associated with an innocent, age-appropriate image.

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But since joining The Black Label, she has changed rapidly. With makeup and adult clothes, Somi looks charming, but adds to her ten years of age.

Looking at this series of photos, no one will know that Jeon Somi was actually born in 2001, only 21 years old. Looking at this old version of Jeon Somi, many viewers see that Somi’s “hybrid rose” is so innocent.

In order to maintain their position for a long time in the Kpop market, female idols need to find many styles to maintain their twenties instead of adding such a wish.

Hopefully the stylists and makeup artists of the above idols will change the style for these 5 female idols to look more mature than this age so that they are young for their age. What do you think about the appearance of these 5 female idols?