Jinni Is Considered To Have Great Potential To Become An NMIXX Center Even Though He Hasn’t Had The Opportunity


With Attractive Visuals And Stable Talent, There Is No Doubt When Jinni Is Placed In The Center Position In The Group. He Is Also Expected To Be A Shining Rookie In The 4th Generation.

NMIXX is a new girl group that JYP carefully invested in when it debuted. All members have a long training time to hone the necessary skills. Debuting with NMIXX, Jinni took the center position and was highly expected by fans. However, right now he was somewhat inferior compared to the other members.

With attractive visuals and stable talent, fans affirm that there is no doubt when Jinni is placed in the center position in the group. He is also expected to be a potential rookie in the 4th generation who will shine brightly soon.

However, after NMIXX officially debuted in K-pop, Jinni’s position was not very clear. This beautiful idol many times does not stand in the middle, but other members like Kyujin or Lily . It seems that this has become a JYP tradition when the center is always pushed to the end.

NMIXX has a high level of discussion on social media. Among them, the member who was mentioned in terms of talent was Lily. Her clip hitting the highest note shocked people. Many people expressed surprise that JYP has finally found a girl group with members who can take over the vocals, no longer afraid to sing live encores on weekly music stages.

When talking about the top beauty in NMIXX, the public immediately thinks of Sullyoon . She is said to have similar features to TWICE ‘s Tzuyu and Sana . Since the series of debut teaser photos, her sweet and clear beauty has attracted many fans.

Among groups, center is always the member who gets the most attention from the public. Being constantly in the middle gave them a lot of advantages. However, Jinni hasn’t really shined yet and created her own spotlight for her role.

Even so, fans can also believe that NMIXX just debuted, and Jinni still has a chance to show her outstanding talent and beauty through the group’s next comeback. Obviously, given the title of center, he definitely has elements that meet JYP’s requirements.

The most important thing is JYP’s treatment of center Jinni. Netizens think that the agency should change the usual way of working, which is changing the member center many times like ITZY did . If Jinni was given good treatment and had more opportunities to shine, she would soon join the most famous 4th generation center.