Jin Ryu, shocked to know Baek Jin-hee X Ahn Jae-hyun’s secret.. “Aren’t you the father of the child?” (‘Really’)[Oh!Ssen Comprehensive]

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Park Ha-young] ‘The real one appeared!’ Ryujin found out that Jaehyun Ahn was his fake father.

In the KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘The Real One Has Appeared!’ (Screenwriter Jo Jung-ju, Director Han Jun-seo), which aired on the 14th, Oh Yeon-du (Baek Jin-hee) and Gong Tae-gyeong (Ahn Jae-hyeon) were caught by Kang Dae-sang (Ryu Jin). was drawn

On this day, Eun-Geum-Sil (Kang Bu-Ja) stopped her Kang Bong-Nim (Kim Hye-Ok)’s mouth for recognizing her own illiteracy. Lee In-ok (Cha Hwa-yeon) and Oh Yeon-du (Baek Jin-hee), who witnessed this, were surprised, and Kang Bong-nim told them to leave and said he had something to say. Kang Bong-nim, a man alone like that, said, “How did you hold on? Does anyone in your family know? Since you know the price, you know how to read numbers. There are many such people in our school. I am afraid that others will look down on me and ignore me. Grandmothers who kept it a secret for the rest of their lives.”

Eun-geum-sil did not answer, and Kang Bong-nim tried to stand up, saying, “I’ll go, since you don’t seem to want to say more.” Then the silver thread said, “How much do you want? You noticed my flaws, so I have to pay the price. Say money or goods or whatever. Take anything and never say anything. So that this old man will not be embarrassed.” In response, Kang Bong-nim said, “A disgrace? Isn’t it embarrassing to be caught pretending to read a book you can’t even read? The old man is a very pitiful person.”

On the other hand, Lee In-ok and Oh Yeon-doo asked Kang Bong-nim what was going on in the living room. Kang Bong-nim said it was nothing special and apologized, saying, “I was in a bad mood at school, so I was just arguing.” In response, Oh Yeon-doo gave Kang Bong-nim a tour of the annex building and asked if it was okay to work at the old school, saying, “Because I am pregnant, attending private academies is burdensome and tutoring is a lot of travel.” However, Kang Bong-nim said, “That is what her mother wanted. Haven’t you ever had a good rest because you were working at an academy? I wanted to let you rest, but I couldn’t because her mother wasn’t able. I don’t know how sorry that was. If you want to work, have kids and do it right. I have to become a one-time lecturer,” he said.

On the other hand, Kang Dae-sang (played by Ryu Jin) went to see the Bodhisattva after hearing from a woman that she had a child. However, the lecture hall, who did not make a reservation, was kicked out, and said, “I have a personality that can’t stand being curious. He is a guy whose body moves before his head,” he pleaded. Then, when Gong Chun-myeong (Choi Choi-cheol) and Yeom Su-jeong (Yun Joo-hee) tried to enter, Kang Sang-sang said, “Please let me go in and see it.” You must find the child. please. The boss’s wife,” he asked.

Eventually, the three of them went to the Bodhisattva for counseling. First, the Bodhisattva said to Yeomjeong, “Aren’t you curiously alone? do you want to have kids All of the things below were pregnant and ran out, so I sent them first, and wasn’t it a wind of tears in the room on the day of Heoguheon?” In response, Soo-jeong Yeom said, “Do you know our chaldduk? I hope my brother knows I cried alone in my room,” she cried. Then the Bodhisattva said, “I know. I know all about you. You absolutely must have children. If you don’t have children, you’ll be left with cold meals at that house.” Surprised, Yeom Su-jeong asked what to do, saying, “It’s okay to do a gut thousands of times.”

At this time, Kang Dae-sang intervened and asked where his child was. The Bodhisattva said, “You are crushed. After saying, “The child will come by itself,” he turned to the three and said, “My bone hurts. Get out,” he said and kicked him out. After the three people left, an employee came in and asked why they kicked them out. The two guys sitting next to me both look like the father of the child,” raising curiosity.

Meanwhile, Jang Se-jin (played by Cha Ju-yeong) took Oh Yeon-du to Eun Geum-sil’s request. In the moving car, Jang Se-jin asked, “How did you decide to work?” Oh Yeon-doo replied, “I don’t think I can do it,” and Jang Se-jin said, “It’s a pity. It seemed like he wanted to work,” he said, pretending to be sorry.

Oh Yeon-doo called Jang-ho (played by Kim Chang-wan), saying, “I haven’t been able to contact him yet, but I have to call him now.” However, Jang-ho did not answer the phone, and when Oh Yeon-doo left his phone in the car, Jang Se-jin searched his phone and blocked the old school contact information operated by Jang-ho. Jang Se-jin, who even tried to look at the text message box, failed when Oh Yeon-doo came to the cell phone.

In particular, Eun Geum-sil, who had a nightmare that day, visited Kang Bong-nim’s house. Eun-geum-sil tried to stop the exposure of illiteracy by telling Kang Bong-nim that she had a nightmare. In exchange for not exposing their illiteracy, Kang Bong-nim put on the condition that Oh Yeon-du and Gong Tae-gyeong not be harassed.

In the meantime, Oh Yeon-du was in trouble as she remembered the time when she helped her nephew Oh Soo-gyeom (Jeong Seo-yeon), who was teased for not having a mother. In the end, he came out to the playground alone, and Gong Tae-kyung also followed Oh Yeon-du to the playground to understand his feelings. In response, Oh Yeon-doo said, “What if we are teased later on not having a real father? I’m afraid I’ll be upset. What if I can’t say anything and hold it in? I thought I could grow up strong alone, but it wasn’t.” She shed tears.

He continued, “Everyone says it’s fortunate that I have Mr. Gong Tae-kyung. Gong Tae-gyeong is not the father of a child, but in reality I have to raise him alone, so I thought he could not rely on me, but I was wrong. I must have relied on Gong Tae-kyung a lot. After 3 months, I will be alone, but what should I do? I am so scared. We really don’t have a father. Gong Tae-kyung is not really the father of the child,” he said. At this time, Kang Dae-seung, who came out to find the two, was surprised to hear that and said, “Aren’t you the baby’s father? Aren’t you Yondu’s father?” he asked.