Jin Is Absent Due To Finger Surgery, BTS Does The Sweetest Thing On Live Broadcast


Shortly After The Announcement About Jin, BTS Held A V Live Broadcast. Even Though Jin Wasn’t There, BTS Made Sure That Fans Didn’t Miss Him Too Much.

BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) held a surprise broadcast on V Live. Considering that Jin couldn’t come because he just had surgery, the members did the sweetest thing and shared news about his latest condition.

On March 19, BIGHIT MUSIC announced that Jin had an injury to his left index finger. After receiving an examination at the hospital, the owner of the name Kim Seokjin underwent surgery.

Thankfully, the operation was a success, and Jin was also discharged from the hospital. The agency revealed that Jin has fully recovered but is still taking time to rest.

Shortly after the announcement about Jin, BTS appeared for a special live broadcast. Even though Jin wasn’t there, BTS made sure their eldest brother was represented by his BT21 character, RJ.

Suga explained that they actually wanted to do some broadcasts after the concert “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL.” J-Hope then pointed out that Jin wasn’t there, and ARMY assumed that it was because of the surgery.

Suga then explained that Jin was resting, and BTS’s Jimin added that Jin was recovering well. J-Hope even explained that ARMYs had nothing to worry about.

In particular, RM explained, “The surgery was short and honestly he’s fine.” Jungkook picked up the RJ doll and explained that he was there so fans wouldn’t miss Jin too much. There were even four RJs who joined the broadcast with them.

Jimin, J-Hope, and RM then shared their experiences with Jin and what he wanted the members to tell fans not to worry. They apparently met Jin before the broadcast.

“Jin hyung told us to convey his greetings to you,” Jimin said. “He said he would leave after putting his soul here,” J-Hope added. “When we saw him, he was fine,” added RM.

When the broadcast ended, fans shared how happy they were to be reassured by the BTS members. ARMYs also appreciated the fact that even though Jin wasn’t there, they made sure the fans didn’t miss him too much.