Ji Sung Plays Twin Brothers With Different Problem-Solving Methods In New Drama “Adamas”

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Upcoming tvN drama “Adamas” has shared new photos of Ji Sung!

“Adamas” depicts the story of twin brothers who discover the truth of an incident that happened 22 years ago. The two will work as one to clear up the murder charges against their biological father, who is accused of murdering his stepfather, and to find the ‘adamas’ that is evidence of the murder. Although the two brothers are similar, their personalities and approaches to dealing with problems are very different.

His twin sister Ha Woo Shin is a best-selling mystery novel author. He has a calm manner of speech, a great sense of humor, and a thoughtful personality, but he is also a rational person who clearly separates his work from his personal affairs. Ha Woo Shin’s greatest strength is his incredible insight that makes him seem like he knows everything, and he doesn’t lose his cool easily either.

Ha Woo Shin has a calmer personality, while Song Soo Hyun is more dynamic and loyal to his feelings. Song Soo Hyun became a prosecutor just like his mother wanted him to be, but now he is looking for the real culprit who killed his stepfather 22 years ago.

Ha Woo Shin wore a comfortable shirt and had a sharp gaze that seemed to pierce one’s heart. On the other hand, Song Soo Hyun wore a suit and tie and gave off an honest impression as he immersed himself in the moment.

The difference in the way they analyze information can also be seen in the way Song Soo Hyun analyzes reference data and evidence, while Ha Woo Shin relies on what he has seen and experienced himself, looking for breakthroughs. endlessly pondering his thoughts.